April 27, 2009

B2B Centre Articles List

The B2B Centre and its partners have written loads of articles on a variety of eBusiness topics over the years.

Thought it would be worth providing a list of just some the best ones so you can enjoy them the second time around.  Click on the links and the articles will appear in a new browser window.  Some of them will be in PDF format.

E-Commerce is more profitable  e-commerce Bytestart  2007 
Search Engine Optimisation - Keeping up with the US  e-marketing Mark Bonnett  2007 
Law change affecting your website and email  e-marketing Liz Rowe  2007 
Using ZenCart to build your online shop  e-commerce James Pennington  2007 
eTrade or not to eTrade that is the Question  e-commerce Gareth Edwards  2007 
How to write good website content  e-marketing Gareth Edwards  2007 
Social networking - MySpace or waste of space?  e-collaboration Gareth Edwards  2007 
New online service for SMEs to access governement services  SME News Bytestart  2007 
Using the Internet to Grow Your Business  e-marketing Gareth Edwards  2007 
What is mobile marketing and how can you use it?  Mobile and Wireless Rayhan  2007 
How To Use Mobile Marketing  Mobile and Wireless Rayhan  2007 
Who are your online customers and what do they want?  e-marketing Gareth Edwards  2007 
How can you get a better understanding of your online competitive environment  e-marketing Gareth Edwards  2007 
FAQs - Websites and Search Engines  e-marketing James Pennington  2007 
Websites are for life, not just for Christmas  e-marketing Gareth Edwards  2007 
Small businesses urged to go mobile  Mobile and Wireless Rayhan   2007 
Searching through Google's Services  e-marketing Mark Bonnett  2007 
SEO on Zero Budget  e-marketing Mark Bonnett  2007 
Google Analytics - Getting started  e-marketing Liz Rowe  2007 
Director's Comment on E-Business in 2007  e-business Martin King-Turner  2007 
Phishing, Pharming and other traps for the unwary  Law Kate Legg - Higgs&Sons Ltd  2007 
Who owns your website?  Law Kate Legg - Higgs&Sons Ltd  2008 
Discover what works on your website  e-marketing Mark Bonnett  2008 
6 Steps for writing a headline  e-marketing Steph Williams  2008 
Measuring your web copy  e-marketing Steph Williams  2008 
Competing with the big boys online  e-marketing Gareth Edwards  2008 
Three Fundamental Rules for writing Web Copy  e-marketing Steph Williams  2008 
What is the Most Important Element of your Website  e-marketing Steph Williams  2008 
Happy Birthday Mobile!  Mobile and Wireless Rayhan  2008 
Rachel Elnaugh talks web with local businesses  e-marketing Liz Rowe  2008 
Are your web images putting you at risk?  e-marketing Peter Butterworth  2008 
Online PR: Raise your profile on the web  e-marketing R Sahota  2008 
What is Web 2.0 and how can your business benefit?  e-collaboration Steph Williams  2008 
How to do usability testing  e-marketing Steph Williams  2008 
Are visitors lost on your website?  e-marketing Steph Williams  2008 
E-Business 2008 - Creating a Future Advantage  e-marketing Gareth Edwards  2008 
How can SMEs create a future advantage?  e-marketing Gareth Edwards  2008 
The Chaffey Colum - Oct 08  e-marketing Dave Chaffey  2008 
Website Accessibility - One Size Doesn't Fit All  e-marketing Design4Usability  2008 
The Chaffey Column - Nov 08  e-marketing Dave Chaffey  2008 
The Chaffey Column - Dec 08  e-marketing Dave Chaffey  2008 
More Measurements is Marvellous  e-marketing Gareth Edwards  2008 
The Chaffey Column - Jan 09  e-marketing Dave Chaffey  2009 
No Lagging with the Bragging  e-marketing Gareth Edwards  2009 
Plug your Business into Online PR Sites  e-marketing Steph Williams   2009 
The Chaffey Column - Feb 09  e-marketing Dave Chaffey  2009 
Blogging - Free and Easy  e-marketing Mark Bonnett  2009 
Why should SMEs be using CRM?  Open Source Steve Orriss  2008 
Can you Thrive in Today's Economy?  Managing Projects Rayhan  2009 
How do I Register with Online Directories?  e-marketing Gareth Edwards 
eMarketing - What should you be reading?  e-marketing Gareth Edwards 
How to use YouTube to get your business noticed!  e-marketing Steph Williams  2008 
Project Prioritisation  Managing Projects Rayhan  2009 
e-Marketing - Don't forget your back office  e-marketing Gareth Edwards  2007 


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  1. Nice & very helpful.


    07 May 2009, 17:37

  2. Vari

    Excellent resource for e-marketing work. I am using some of these with clients. Thanks for publishing it.


    10 May 2009, 10:56

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