February 15, 2011

Situational Leadership

Many definitions of leadership assume that leadership in situational; in sense that it emerges in a specific situation. accordingly,  we can define many situations such as transitive, emergency, and many others. 

This leads to assume that there are different types of leadership; each related to the situation that it emerged from. so we could have transitive leadership, emergency situations leadership an so on. this in turn leads to many questions:

Do leaders emerge in the same way in all situations?

What happened after the situation is over? will followers start looking for another leader who is suitable for the new situation?

What about the long-term leaders? long-term might include many situations. does this mean that some people have the ability to change their characteristics and respond to what people want/'need'? 

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  1. Heyy Ayham,
    In my opinion, it is not about the leader, but, it is inherent in effective leadership; the ability to adapt and respond with respect to situations. There is no formula of leadership. It is just that she/he must be able to drive towards the goal while managing the situation, and abstracting the best out of it.
    When you say people ‘changing’ their characteristics, I think you are being a bit too critical. ‘Survival of the fittest’ is the law of nature, and I believe the same is applicable here. In order to excel, you need to learn from the surroundings and work for the need of the hour. What do you think?

    16 Feb 2011, 00:59

  2. thanks Awal for comment. I am actually looking for natural leadership/leaders; not in business, politics domains. do you think that leaders are chosen by people? I am looking at leadership from the follower point of view. I think in this way you can learn about leadership more than looking at it from above.

    imagine yourself in many situations and try to think of the way the you would choose your leader in each of them. what so you think?

    17 Feb 2011, 22:36

  3. Ayham,
    Even if I look at it from the followers’ point of view, I would look for in a leader, the ability to involve everyone, the wisdom to realize the unique potentialities in her/his team members, and the art to take full advantage of them in the drive towards the goal..

    But thanks! I just realize, I had never thought about leadership from this end..! That what I as a follower would want from a leader..

    20 Feb 2011, 20:21

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