March 27, 2011

Psychology and Leadership

Nearly all good leadership courses around the world aims at creating self-awareness more than going through leadership theories and techniques. having the ability to understand the self enables the person to adapt to many situations which is necessary as a leader.

understanding others behaviours and the expectation in different situations is also important to support the leader self-awareness. for example, understanding the reasons which make followers resist is crucial to be able to use self-strengths and knowledge to handle it. 

Having a clear and agreed-on vision is important but, in my opinion is not enough because it does not, as is the case for other leadership personal traits,  create sustainability. having a vision, charisma, self-awareness, enthusiasm, and communication skills can make a leader but it does not guarantee that this leader can lead in different situations which is the case in real life under the continuously changing environment.

Psychology in my opinion, although it is frightening word for many, is important to deal with multi-cultural people, change, and to make more robust decisions.

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  1. Yes, I agree. You mentioned a root way to reduce conflicts in an organization. If leaders do not understand others behaviours and expectations in different situation, the leading way is less effectiveness. Also, psychology is important to enhance self-awareness.

    29 Mar 2011, 20:35

  2. Interesting view. Indeed, it is sometimes assumed that once one is physically aboard the same band wagon then s/he is expected to have the same perspective to issues that arise but disagreements often disprove such assumptions. If it is so in reality, how often do leaders give attention to such concern when not obsessed with making a name or a fortune for themselves?

    29 Mar 2011, 22:59

  3. according to above that leaders should understand himself first and then understand other behaviours.
    also ..leader should have the ability to deal with different problems under different situation. thats again points out that leader is a leader..leading everthing..

    07 Apr 2011, 22:15

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