September 21, 2005

First days!

I moved in sunday and there is NOBODY in my flat yet. I was very lonely and rather down that whole day.

Monday I met a coupla second yearsd and went to the pub for lunch, then off to my flat for chat/shisha, and then out to the union to play pool and drink a bit :)

Tuesday I had a lil job training and then was quite lonely….all the international students were moving in and in their lil groups and I felt very left out! Then I met a mexican lass struggling with her luggage and helped…ended up staying the afternoon with her and going for dinner. Tuesday night I went out lonely again to the union…..Some lovely soul started chatting to me etc etc and we got on well and she invited me to join her group of whom I got on well with loads of them! Ended up dancing the night away (badly!) and making 4 good mates

Today I've been "job" training till now, now phil is coming to campus for a bit, then at 7pm i'm going out bowling/cinema/pizza and beer lol

ps. theres still nobody in my flat lol

I'm LS281… Drop by :)

ps. I love you kt. Phone on friday before i have this mad weekend rush :)

September 18, 2005

T –8

8 Hours to go; I've had not a moments sleep.

I just can't be arsed.

See you soon

September 16, 2005

Pack Pack Pack

I have so much to pack, and have to finish it all by today.

See you Sunday in Warwick if you're there currently :)

September 14, 2005

4 Sleeps to go now

4 days until I arrive in Warwick. Anybody in Lakeside please say hello here :)

I'm not sure if I've been extremely stupid taking a job for IT services which is likely to encroach on my freshers experience. We shall see!

What do I do in my spare time when I get there? I'll probably not be as bored as I am now.

One thing is for sure, I'm gonna impact the place like a 3 tonne comet when they realise they let a total idiot into such a nice place!

September 13, 2005

Is Israel really "holy land" for the arabs ? The Iraq war…

Israel is reputedly the holy land of the palestinians and therefore She will be fought for by the Palestinians and supported by other arab nations until the Israeli Jews (and other ethnicities) leave Her altogether.

In this way the palestinians justify a "holy war" or "Jihad" against Israel and her citizens, claiming She is rightfully theirs by religious right. This is their so called "holy land" remember.

Eygpt, Syria, and Saudi arabia, as well as the other arab nations support the Palestinians and their methods of terrorism to "drive the infidel out of their holy lands." However She does not seem to be a unique arab holy land in the middle east. In fact the truth is that every Arab country is considered their "holy land." According to Bin Ladin, Saudi Arabia is the holiest spiritual land on this earth. According to the Palestinians it is Israel. Iraq cite Kuwait as a holy land. Afghanistan is a holy land for the Taliban

I propose that this veil of religiousity is nothing more than an excuse for terrorism and a conspiracy to drive every westernized and indeed democratic nation out of the middle east region which they clearly veiw as an "arabs only" zone. The west, are constantly accused of racism against muslims; Is the total expulsion/ eradication of every non-arab in the middle east not slightly racsist? How many "holy lands" can one religion have? As i see it Islam is fundamentally one religion; cleverly manipulated by arab dictators to further their own cause; that of total control of the middle eastern region.

And so the Americans hit back. At a time of turmoil and instability in the region just one country has the balls to usurp an evil dictator and free a country from a reign of terror, whilst the UN and the world stands by in indignation complaining that it's about oil.

This is not about oil, just as the cold war was not about oil. The USA plays with spheres of influence, and like any democratic superpower has outlets around the world from which to base her ideology. Call it economic imperialism if you will, even ideological imperialism… But I believe it is borne from the inherent need to see a world in her own eyes, a democratic world. America would need to pump oil for over 5 years to recoup her financial loss from the war, notwithstanding the valiant men who have fallen whilst doing their jobs.

You may think that they invaded a country, but most Iraqi's I have met are exstatic that the country is free of Saddam; their only reservation being that we may pull out before safetly is established. Which is what the Americans would do if the rest of the world had their way…

September 12, 2005

18 years later…

Follow-up to Welcome to Warwick, and thanks for all the fish from Behold a magical world....

Yay we've won the ashes now!

Welcome to Warwick, and thanks for all the fish

Hey guys.

I've now sent in my photo, enrolled, registered for everything etc.

So yea…. here I am on the 12th of September bored out of my mind and waiting to move :D

I still have to call….gas company, credit card company, LEA, SLC, and a load of other people. :( But that can all wait until England have won the Ashes! (hahaha Kate)

Its hard to believe this is actually happening, its surreal. All I gotta do now is hang on and go for the ride.

Should I buy a platinum freshers card? I've decided I'll prob go to about half the events…maybe the freshers ball, maybe not!

Anyway, welcome to my blog. It'll describe the trials, tribulations, and adventures of a life at Warwick University :)

Comment etc etc if you like.
I'm out!

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