December 03, 2005


Im in the middle of my Italian Cinema essay, which is going okay but Ive just forgotten the point I was gonna make. Damn.

Martina Topley-Bird's new album is so cool.

Christmas ball was well good fun! God nicely hammered and was loving the Cooler until someone decided to let the fire alarm off which ruined the night a bit. Ive never been in a club and had the fire alarm go off, but its happened twice at the Union in one term. What's going on? Felt well sorry for the stewards though, they didnt seem to know what was going on anymore than we did.

Sticking around for so long will be really f*cking dull but there you go.

Merry Xmas!!

November 22, 2005

I am Danger Man

Writing about web page

Check this out. With Film and Telly Studies you can be an Investigator for AMERICAN SECRET SERVICE!!!

If you thrive on discovering clues that uncover hidden truths, a career as an NSA Investigator may be for you. As an Investigator with NSA, youíll conduct background investigations and prepare reports on your findings. Your discoveries and recommendations will help improve NSAís ability to provide accurate intelligence and perform critical national security missions.

Prior investigative experience is not required. You will learn to use interrogative techniques through a formal investigative training period that lasts 10–12 weeks. Through formal NSA training and rotational assignments, you will be exposed to a variety of security disciplines.

Specific job duties include, but are not limited to, preparing reports of investigations that are factually accurate, grammatically correct and completed in a timely manner, and conducting interviews/interrogations.

Ideal candidates should possess poise, confidence, and a Bachelor's degree in Liberal Arts from an accredited college or university. Investigators are expected to learn the use of interrogative techniques to resolve adjudicative issues; gain knowledge of significant suitability issues, counterintelligence indicators, and NSA policies and regulations.

Investigators should present a mature, professional, businesslike appearance and possess the capability to interview people of varied backgrounds. Excellent verbal and written communication, interpersonal, and problem-solving skills are required. Ability to work well independently in a deadline driven environment is essential. Must possess a valid driver's license, responsible driving record, and the ability to qualify to carry a firearm. Some travel is required."

Balls to work in film cirticism or whatever, Im gonna be a spy, like James Bond or John Drake.

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