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January 02, 2005

Another Black Cat wanting a home

This ones a fluffy girl, about 7 or 8 years old and she was a stray for nearly 3 months. She's living in a spare room at the moment (so thats No. 10 in my household!).
She's been to the vet in the last week as she has been quite scabby. The vet assures me its dermatitis and nothing nasty like ringworm. She may need regular injections to keep it under control, though it can be caused by stress and bad diet so fending for herself for 3 months won't have helped!
She's a big-boned cat with a huge appetite, is using a litter tray (though she misses sometimes – it's not the biggest of trays and when she stands in it her bottom hangs a bit). She has a white diamond of fur on her chest and a few of her back toes are off-white.
She's very affectionate and likes having her tummy rubbed.

3 Young Ferals needing home

I've got three young ferals in my pen. Two boys and a girl. They've just been neutered and are around 9 months old.
They are not nasty but scared, though if I treat them to some tinned tuna they don't seem quite as scared of me.
They need to be housed on a farm or garden centre or somewhere similar and will help with vermin control. They will need somewhere outside to shelter and feeding each day.
I used to have 3 ferals living in my greenhouse (I have a large garden), and it was sweet to see them interacting with each other. Two of them used to wander down the garden with their tails entwined.

November 07, 2004

New home needed – Mel

Mel is a handsome solid black cat with a few white hairs on his chest and a few on his tummy.
He is neutered and about 5 years old.
He previous owners died in 2004 and he has been going through cat flaps and eating food and annoying the local residents.

He hates being locked in and seems to be good at escaping from cat baskets and sheds for the time he lived with me.

He has never struck out at me. He is very vocal and always announces his presence with loud miaows. We have noticed that he has recently started to play with the various cat toys.

Mel has now been taken in by the Cat Action Trust. If you can offer Mel a home get in touch on the Petsearch helpline and leave a message (02476 765639) or email/leave a comment here.

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