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October 28, 2004

Coventry Cat Home

Coventry does not have a dedicated cat rehoming centre. It should have, the city is big enough.

It has an RSPCA home which has about 30 cat pens but most of these cats do not come from Coventry and the RSPCA has limited contact with the local cat groups. The Cats protection group tell me that by the use of volunteers working with indoor and outdoor pens they managed to home more cats that the RSPCA last year – enough said!

Last year I was lucky enough to work at the Cats Protection Birmingham rehoming centre. This centre had about 200 pens, isolation units , a feral home and over the year rehoused over 1200 cats. Together with their resident population (which they have now had to pen due to home office directives) they usually had well over 300 cats – and (of course) they was still a waiting list to get your cat in!

So being that a cat home will never be empty and always have waitinig lists I Have a dream….....

Get a committee, get a charity set up , do some fund raising. Identify the site – be it some land or an existing building – ideally close to the city, near a good bus route. With lots of money it would be fantastic to build one the size of Birmingham, I would want to add a little Cafe so that it could also act as a day centre for education and social events. Perhaps even get a dedicated Vet set up in a surgery that could treat all the inmates and also external clients for profit back into the centre.

However before I start spending over the million pounds and getting carried away….....
It's more likey to be a house somewhere with a nice back garden which can be turned into a dedicated charity – and even that will cost a fortune unless somethings bequethed.

So as a start anyone out there want to help? Do you know your way around charity commission forms, can you design a website, would you like to be on the committee, do you have coffee mornings and are looking for a local charity to support, do you love cats, do you have a million pounds going begging????

If so please get in touch!

October 08, 2004

This week..

Just a quick recap of anything significant that happened this week and things I'm looking forward to next week.

Sunday 3/10 – Called late in the afternoon to a found cat. When I got there it turned out to be a cat that escaped from the Cats Protection – Oh well – proves the system works.

Monday 4/10 – My normal monday pulling off the CP calls from their helpline. Mainly to do with help for neutering, a couple of people wanting to adopt and some 6 or so wanting to rehome their cats – emigrating seems to be a popular reason at the moment.

Wednesday 6/10 – Got a call just as I got home from work. A woman had found 3 abandoned kittens in a box. Phoned up a couple of people to see if anyone could take them in then went to collect them. Lovely things, about 4 weeks old , just on the point of eating solids though did guzzle at the bottle of kitten milk they were given. Not sure of the story of their appearance , but they're in good hands now!

Thursday 7/10 – Pilchard Run. Nothing athletic I hasten to reveal. I have made an acquaintance who works for Glenrycks and she is a good supplier of dented 'pilchards in tomato sauce' which we pick up for free. Borrowed the CP van and drove down to Henley-on-Thames – an old haunt of mine – and filled the van up. Good journey and managed to find a copy of Ben Eltons Dead Famous in a charity shop – so RESULT!
Got back to find a message from the CP who are trapping Ferals in a scrap yard near the new football ground, seems they trapped 2 too many so wanted to know whether I knew of any owners missing their cats in that area!

Friday 8/10 – Sent off fax for found cats to the Coventry evening telegraph.

So a fairly normal week, though not as many phonecalls as normal. Things (hopefully) are getting quieter now that the cold weather is hear.

A big highlight for next week is the Telegraph are coming round to take some photos for an article to appear in the Saturday Pet SOS column. Still hate have photos taken. Never mind – all good publicity!
A couple of CP home visits to fit in – must get details.

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