November 08, 2004

My cats

Now that I have seen how to put pictures into text I shall put my 5 cats here. I won't bore you even further by taking pics of the fish (though I might if I get too bored one weekend).

And before I start with the pictures – yes my house is a tip and I was busy doing the outside pen and cleaning litter trays. And as far as bed making goes – you can't disturb a comfortable cat can you?


I don't have favourites but if I did it would be Fang. I took him from the RSPCA shelter in Coundon July 1991 with his sister. Our other much loved black cat Jet has just died over the weekend due to chronic Kidney failure at 11 years old and we were devastated. After 3 days of crying went into the shelter and there he was! He is fat and lazy and pampered. A recent blood test has shown his kidneys are not all they should be and he is drinking a lot of water. He's not on medication yet as the vet thinks things can't be too bad because he's so fat.


Sister to Fang. Gentle lap cat who purrs too loudly then gets out of breath. Adopted from Coundon wedge with her brother Fang in July 1991 at about 8 weeks old. Her claim to fame is she was the cat pictured in the Coventry Telegraph in October when Petsearch was featured in the SOS column. Friendliest of the cats with strangers, very laid back and my mothers favourite (My mum calles her Tibby for some unknown reason).


Puss walked into our lives in the summer of 1992 at about 6 months old. We couldn't find his owner so he stayed with us – never did think of a better name for him. Puss is also quite fat but a bit more independent, he will only allow himself to be picked up when in the mood but loves a warm lap and will burrow under jumpers and cardies – can't count the number of times I've had to remove a cardie to get up off the sofa! When he was younger he used to go walk about every August, we did wonder whether he had another home to go to and perhaps they put him in a cattery while on holiday, but like all my cats he is microchipped. He is also beginning to drink a lot more water. For a big cat he is a right coward and gets bullied a bit. He is currently sporting a big scab on his neck.


Tipsy was adopted from the RSPCA in August 1997. Puss had gone missing again and after 6 weeks I thought he'd not come back so went to the RSPCA. Tipsy was there, she had been returned twice and reminded me of an earlier black and white cat that had died the previous year. A mad cat. Can't be picked up without wriggling free, loves laps and chewing plastic bags. Likes to poo in the hall – though hasn't done for a while and bullies poor old Puss who she has never really got on with.


Smudge came from the Cats Protection Birmingham rehoming centre Jan 2004. Her owner had died and she was a timid cat that was pining away. I was working there at the time and hated to see how a couple of the assistants there bustled around her , cleaning her pen while she cowered in the corner. She was losing weight and I felt obliged to give her a home. She spent the first 6 weeks living in a drawer in my desk and now spends most of her time on her own in the front bedroom. She doesn't like to be towered over so enjoys being fussed on the stairs and she'll come on my bed at night for a quick fuss. When she's hungry she'll come downstairs, walk a lap or two around the dining room table then sit down and stare at the nearest human. She still eats upstairs and has her own litter tray. Still, early days….. Her health is not too robust , she had a tumour removed from her chest in June and has suffered from a lot of cystistis. I noticed recently while lying on the floor to give her a fuss that she has some cloudiness in one eye – so that's another trip to the vet which petrifies the poor girl. She's supposed to be about 9 years old.

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  1. Er I have to ask – Why Fang? – any reason for this particular name. (Which I think is a fantastic name for a cat by the way!)

    08 Nov 2004, 14:35

  2. When we got him as a kitten it was either Fang or Noddy (as he kept sleeping). I think it was because his fangs were a bit more prominent (and being black more noticable). He head soon grew to accomodate his teeth (and then some!).
    The name has been 'abbreviated' to Fangoose over the years and calling him that has him rolling over for a fuss immediately.

    09 Nov 2004, 09:37

  3. Excellent – Fang is definitely better than Noddy (although a lovely picture conjured up as a reason behind that name).

    (I've since read your latter posting of him being ill …hope he gets better really soon.)

    15 Nov 2004, 17:58

  4. Emma

    I have 2 older cats of about 5 yrs old an ave got 2 kittens now how long will it take them all to get on with each other an should i leave them all together when i go out

    05 Aug 2005, 13:17

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