October 29, 2011

Tom Hunter: Unheralded Stories in Warwick Arts Centre

Tom Hunter, an internationally known London artist, presents his vision of Hackney neighbourhood in a complex reflection of the world history and art, combined with schematic but impressive shots of local community spaces, where a man turns into a crowd. The exhibition Unheralded Stories in the Mead Gallery is organized in collaboration with Purdy Hicks Gallery, London, which hosts a temporary collection of Tom Hunter’s artworks. Photographs are dated either 2009 or 2010, being as modern as the spectator may only wish.

Each artwork has two sides: the first, almost monochromatic, draws the spectator along the blurry walls to the very core of the room, thus embracing the whole place in a single movement of the eye. The social spaces include churches, Assembly Hall, Pool Club (“Radical Club”), performance rooms and other communal locations, each presented in a unique way and hue, capturing the silent atmosphere of the space. The second of each pair, full-coloured, bright and contrasted, is inspired by one of the storytelling paintings of the past. The narratives and composition schemes taken from existing paintings are clearly visible and catching within the artworks. An intense feeling of effort and sharpness, stories of desperation, sorrow and sympathy within urban scenery but in a permanent connection with well-known religious and mythological plots, give you a powerful insight into the author’s intentions.

Tom Hunter converts the stories of local people into myths, comparing them with those of the past and bringing them out again to the global world. Not a Hackney neighbour yourself, you will nevertheless have that slight flash of recognition in your heart when you see the Unheralded Stories.

Tom Hunter, Woodberry (2010)

Tom Hunter, Woodberry (2010)

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