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March 31, 2005

Only three more weeks…

This is what I feel like at the moment..

But in three weeks, I will be like this…


Stressed Bunny.

I am currently a stressed bunny. After staring at my notes for the past four hours I have decided to give up and go home. This is not good and will probably increase my stress levels further. But I never get stressed ! Well not normally. So I don't really know how to cope with it. Last year it was alright, everything was casual and if I did get stressed I had Tim to calm me down. This year it's just me getting stressed. Must not do this! I will be fine. But there's only 15 days left till my finals. S***.

March 27, 2005

The delights of Easter…

In the interval between the end of Easter lunch and the preparation of coffee and chocolate before the simnel cake at teatime (food and drink is a big deal in our family-you start off at about 12.30 with champagne (on a festival day) and then onto nibbles, followed by a roast dinner with several puddings and various wines followed by coffee and chocolate(my cousin brought 100% cocoa-this should be interesting) inevitablty merging into tea and cake, by which time you begin to feel as though your stuffing should be popping out and your head is starting to loll to one side, rather like a much loved teddy bear) I feel it necessary to come up and extol the delights of poached eggs on burnt toast.

Aha! But this is not just any old poached eggs on burnt toast. In fact, it doesn't involve eggs, or umm… toast. Every Easter, along with the Christmas pudding which we eat (family tradition) my granny makes poached eggs on toast. What they are is trifle sponges sliced down the middle and coated in dark chocolate (the burnt toast) with a blob of whipped cream, and half a tinned apricot placed on top (the poached egg). It is customary to serve them with the apricot syrup that comes in the tin with the apricot. Absolutely delicious.

Right. Off I go to sip coffee and avoid any kind of chocolate containing chocolates. My brother being 25 and earning money has taken on the role of Easter Bunny the Second-thereby significantly increasing the amount of chocolate I (as the only other present sibling) receives. Suffice to say I shall not go hungry for quite a while..

March 25, 2005

Something I feel the need to record.

Writing about an entry you don't have permission to view

Ahh, back again…

For the record, my mother makes the best hot cross buns :)

All it takes is four hours on a train that smells of vomit.

March 24, 2005

Socks and the like

I have decided to fight this insomnia. I have brought out my battle gear. I have put on…my stripy socks. There's something about a pair of stripy socks that brings out..movement in me. Maybe because I never had them when I was growing up, and now I have them they are special. Not to be wasted! Since I have put them on I have cleared my desk of most of its clutter and am considering making a revision list. See?! They have power! Am still liable to get distracted by blogging though.. Minor problem in that brain doesn't really work, but hey I guess that isn't so important.

Have had some really interesting conversations with people recently-makes me realise that maybe I'm not quite as superficial as I thought-then again maybe I am. I've stopped caring. Fact of the matter is, I reckon I'm a fairly average happy-go-lucky person that odd things seem to happen to-makes my life more interesting, and hey, if I ever wanted to start a soap opera I'd have plenty of material!!

I did say I'd write an entry on 'the life style to which I have become accustomed'. Fact is, as long as there's food, hot water, heat, and a roof and somebody to share it with I don't think I'd mind as long as I was happy-I know I've been very lucky in my upbringing, and I'm very grateful to my parents for it. As long as I'm as happy as they are I'm not so bothered about the finer details.

This is a fairly random post, but hey, I haven't slept in what feels like a week (prob only 3 nights though) and I think the pictures are pretty.


Right. It's six a.m. and I am, for various reasons, still up. Despite having lain in my bed wtih my eyes closed for the past three hours, I cannot sleep.This has effectively shot any chance I had today of getting some work done which is stressing me out. And I'm soo tired!! My brain is not happy. In fact it's currently consulting with its union and preparing to go on strike. Which is the last thing I need. Question though-do I give the day up as lost and try to get some sleep, or do I get up carry on as normal and then try to get a normal night's sleep tomorrow?

March 23, 2005

In a bad mood.

Well, I’m back at Uni, and I’m in a bad mood. Probably a consequence of the fact that I’m trying to revise sporulation and I’m trying to stay off the M’n’Ms. This is slightly masochistic of me, but it does need to be done, and I found an article that summarises everything! Still it’s one of those tricky evil things with about 100 genes, all of which have different modes of action, regulate each other and have stupid names like spoIIAB. I love my subject really.
I remember once reading Anne of Windy Willows (she of the Gables fame) and ‘she’ wrote that she couldn’t write love letters when her nib was stub or scratchy. I’ve come to a similar conclusion about revision. I just can’t do it when my pen won’t behave!

This is also added to the fact that compared with Cambridge, Leamington is a wasteland. Not only do I now no longer have my piano, but milk doesn’t come in glass bottles, and the route into town is dull. To get into town here I have to walk past a council estate. To get into town from my house in Cambridge it’s a five minute cycle ride past playing fields, down Burrells walk (which is next to the UL and has blossom covered trees on either side) over Garrett Hostel Bridge-which has stunning views of the river, along past the Senate House, and into the centre. How can you beat that! Oh well, shouldn’t complain really. I’m going back again on Friday!

Think lack of sleep is making me grouchy(sod that, I know it. I turn into a monster if I don't get enough sleep-quite a nice one though…) Couldn’t get a wink of sleep last night-I have no idea why!

March 22, 2005

The sky at night

Just walking back from pub after meeting Tim for a drink. And the sky was beautiful and I was happy. Just thought I'd remember that.

March 20, 2005


Writing about an entry you don't have permission to view

Ironing and silver polishing. I'd forgotten how satisfying they could be.

March 17, 2005


Got home, no reply from Lorna, so think I'll fill in this thing that Rob sent me.. Here goes

1.What Time is it now?
7.42 pm
2.What is your full name?
Anna Vivian Elizabeth Davies
3.Single or taken?
Single, but not looking as such..well, trying not to
4.What does your name mean?
5.Who picked out your name?
My parents, funnily enough. I think it was quite popular in Germany at the time.
6.What's your nickname?
Spanner was one of the more original ones. Hmmm. Parents call me Annie, but that’s more of a diminutive version of Anna and makes me feel about 6 years old. Oh, and bean.
8.What colour are your eyes?
Blue. I think. Though they can look green or grey depending on what I’m wearing
9.Do you have an innie or an outie?
10.What size are your shoes?
6 1/2
12.How tall (or short) are you?
5”8’. Too tall, I think.
13.Honestly what do you like about yourself?
I give good hugs, and I can get very enthusiastic about things.
14.What do you always get complimented on?
I couldn't possibly say..
15.What is your worst quality?
Where do I start… laziness probably.
16.What are the last four digits of your phone Number?
17.Do you think you're cute?
In a kind of disty female sort of way I suppose. I’m not really the one to ask!
18.Hair colour?
Dark blonde, but that depends on the season.
19.Do you wear contacts?
20.Living Arrangements?
Living with 4 other lovely people in south south leam.
21.Favourite Drink?
Gin and Tonic
22.Favourite alcoholic drink?
Gin and Tonic
23.Favourite Month?
24 Favourite Food?
Tricky…..depends on my mood…. This divine little chocolate cakey thing I had in France over the summer
25.Favourite Board Game?
Trivial Pursuit–new version. Know all the answers to the old one.
26.Web Site? Takes you anywhere you want to go.
27.Favourite Clothing Brand?
Like I can afford things with brand names…
28.Favourite day of the Year?
It will probably be 22nd April. My finals will be over!
29.Favourite colour?
Royal blue.
30.Favourite Animal?
9 banded armadillos.. for weird geeky microbiology reasons
31.Do you have more girl or boy friends?
Probably more boy friends, but as a general rule I’m closer to my female friends
32.Who's your best friends?
Impossible to say.. they’re all pretty great :)
33.Are your parents together?
Urgh, yes. Happily married for 34 years
34.How often do you get together with the family?
Birthdays, holidays, whenever really
35.Do you tell your parents or your friends more?
Friends; My mother seems to know everything without me telling her.
36.Anything special about your parents?
They’re great. Oh and their birthdays are 14/11 and 01/07. Which for those who don't know (tut tut) are the same of those as Charles and Diana.
38.You're a flirt?
39.You're slutty?!
Despite appearances, no. Mean?
sometimes…but I try not to be
41.You like someone?
42.You can keep secrets?
43.You dance in front of the mirror?
Not as such, there aren’t any mirrors in our house, but have been known to boogy around my bedroom

44.You sing in the shower?
Only when there’s no one at home, and even then quite quietly.
46.You liked Britney Spears?
The good stuff’s good. The shit stuff is really, really shit.
47.You've liked a cousin?
Well, yes, but not like that!
48.You've been in the opposite sexes bathroom?
Yes. And it was disgusting
49.You've seriously hurt someone?
I sincerely hope not.
50.You've been hurt seriously?
Had my heart broken a couple of times
51.You swear?
Yes, but I switch it off when I go home
52.You get your way?
I try to..
53.You're willing to try new things?
Most of the time
54.You've cheated on a test?
Probably. No, definitely. German grammar in U4.

57.What are you wearing?
Jeans, blue strappy top, black cardigan, trainers and some rather nice underwear
58.What colour are your pants?
Black–though I do own lots of different colours. Bit of an underwear fetish unfortunately
59.What are you listening to?
Big mistake, Natalie Imbruglia.
60.How are you feeling?
Fairly relaxed, it’s been a gorgeous spring day and I found a book in the library that I wanted, plus I did lots of work..more microbiology geekiness creeping in.
61.What are you doing?
Umm.. this it would seem.
62.What are you eating?
Jammy toast
63.How many people are online?

64.How's the weather?
Nice and balmy. For March.
65.What's on your mouse pad?
Don’t have one, but my desk is strewn with all sorts of exciting things
66.What books are you reading?
The Age of Innocence, and lots of exciting microbiology ones–though admittedly they're not bedtime reading
67.How many razors?
Umm. One at a time
68.What after shave do you use?
I’m a girl, that would be weird. But perfume, Eau d'Eden
69.What's in your wallet?
A tenner (Yay!!) Lots of cards, old receipts, stamps, couple of random business cards
71. tall or short boys?
Tall. sorry.
72.Blonde or brunette boys?
Either, though if we’re going on past form, tall and dark is my normal type, though that's only in recent years
74.knickers showing?
Urgh, no.
75. Long hair or short hair on girls?
Well I have long hair, but think short can be v. sexy depending on how it's done i.e. Meg Ryan stylee
76. What do you find annoying in a boy?
77.What's the first thing you notice about boys?
Smile and eyes, depends which one works for them. Oh, and hands, for some reason.

88.What was the last movie you saw?
The Bourne Identity. Good fun!
89.What did you have for dinner?
About to have curry
90.What are you hoping for?
Good degree and job afterwards, oh, and….contentment
92.What movie do you really want to see?
Not sure what’s on at the moment. Something that will make me laugh

93.Tell us about those scars?
One down left thumb. Sliced it open when I was whittling at a piece of wood with a penknife when I was 7–v. gory and made my sister cry. heheheh.
95.Where is your favourite place to travel?
Anywhere as long as it’s beautiful and has lots to do.
96.What did you last dream about?
That I can remember? I was the first ever female pope (even though am not catholic…hmmm). That was surreal and quite fun…oh the power :)
97.What was the last thing you ate?
Jammy toast
98.If you were a crayon what colour what would you be?
99.Who was the last person you talked to on the phone?
Lorna, just now.
100.Do you like the person that sent this to you?
Yup, they’re lovely :) plus we spent most of our sixthform hanging out together and she knows all my secrets..
102.Ever had a crush on a teacher?
Yup. heheheheh.
103.Are you too shy to ask someone out?
To actually ask them out? Yes. To try and pull them? No.
104.Scary movies or happy ending?
Happy ending
105.Summer or winter?
106.Relationships or one night stands?
107.Chocolate or Vanilla?
Ooh. Bit of both, thank you very much.
111.What did you do last night?
Had an amazing meal at J, J, J and F’s.
112.Anything else you want to add?
Not as such… Oh, haribo is evil, and 25%.
113.Time finishing?
extra questions
Have a big rant at someone in my head whilst riding a bike very fast.
My teddy.
Hugs, you can get them from everyone, but after a couple of G and Ts I’ll probably try for kisses too
Umm….Probably some time at the beginning of January
Alex–known her since was 9
You never know what life will bring, and it could be good!
death, and taxes.
tulips, but lilies and fresias for the scent

Went out for meal and drank quite a bit.

1–Cambridge is a city!
I have 1/3 of one, can’t legally drive it yet, but it’s a Nissan Micra.
Frozen pea department of Safeways

Oh wasn't that thrilling

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