March 11, 2005

The illogicality of naked women

I may be one of the most illogical and irrational females around (as any male with the dubious pleasure of my acquaintance will testify-a dropped jaw and a stunned expression being one of the most common sights whenever I make one of my logical reasoned arguments (hey, at least it wasn't me that tried to boil milk in a kettle (even if I am genetically related to them)-it would never even occur to me to think that was a good idea!)) but still I just witnessed an event at the gym which makes no sense to me at all. It does concern NAKED FEMALES though.

OK, in my gym there are naked females wandering around-this I have got used to and am no longer bothered by. But today, I got in from my (strenuous) workout, and a girl who had been having a naked sauna when I came in (naughty, naughty-although, Lorna, you, me and 25%...! heheheh) and had been happily wandering around in the changing rooms in the buff, was blow drying her hair. In a thong. She then proceeded to apply make up and all the other things one does to make one look presentable before leaving (all in this thong-black, quite a nice one actually). She then proceeded to go into one of the curtained off cubicles to get dressed. Those cubicles are disgusting-they absolutely reek, the aim is to spend as little time in them as possible. So why would someone who happily walks around naked want to get changed in one?! Can anyone explain?!

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  1. That officially makes no sense.

    11 Mar 2005, 11:42

  2. I wouldn't worry. Not much she says does.

    11 Mar 2005, 12:52

  3. Quite.

    11 Mar 2005, 13:18

  4. Well, in the mens changing rooms it is quite different. In fact, i think it is only me who wears thongs whilst applying my make-up. Such an effort to maintain my status as SMOC.

    11 Mar 2005, 13:46

  5. Yep that's pretty illogical alright. Such is the world in which we live. Perhaps it's just a habit of getting changed in them? Who knows. And Mr Carter, I suggest you listen and think about what people say when they speak. In this way, I'm sure that things will being to make much more sense to you. I find it works perfectly well for me.

    11 Mar 2005, 14:20

  6. Oh no, it's true! I really don't talk much sense. Don't know why Chris has to be so mean to me though. I'm not aware of having done anything wrong :(

    11 Mar 2005, 15:43

  7. You are one clueless bint for sure, Davies…

    14 Mar 2005, 13:30

  8. Am I the only one who is investigating the possibility of installing CCTV in the girls' changing rooms?

    19 Mar 2005, 11:17

  9. I should imagine not. Though I should point out that the majority of the women who do walk around naked are rather overweight and/or over 60. Lovely.

    19 Mar 2005, 12:12

  10. Always the possibility that she was doing something that was much less acceptable in public. I mean if happy to wander around naked (and how much do i wish i was a girl right now) then i wonder what could have driven her into a smell changing room?? or maybe she had a really nasty bra she was going to wear and didnt want to spoil the image she of the nice thong.

    19 Mar 2005, 15:09

  11. That is a good point. And it would give some explanation at least!
    Having breasts is great :)

    19 Mar 2005, 19:10

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