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March 23, 2005

In a bad mood.

Well, Iím back at Uni, and Iím in a bad mood. Probably a consequence of the fact that Iím trying to revise sporulation and Iím trying to stay off the MíníMs. This is slightly masochistic of me, but it does need to be done, and I found an article that summarises everything! Still itís one of those tricky evil things with about 100 genes, all of which have different modes of action, regulate each other and have stupid names like spoIIAB. I love my subject really.
I remember once reading Anne of Windy Willows (she of the Gables fame) and Ďsheí wrote that she couldnít write love letters when her nib was stub or scratchy. Iíve come to a similar conclusion about revision. I just canít do it when my pen wonít behave!

This is also added to the fact that compared with Cambridge, Leamington is a wasteland. Not only do I now no longer have my piano, but milk doesnít come in glass bottles, and the route into town is dull. To get into town here I have to walk past a council estate. To get into town from my house in Cambridge itís a five minute cycle ride past playing fields, down Burrells walk (which is next to the UL and has blossom covered trees on either side) over Garrett Hostel Bridge-which has stunning views of the river, along past the Senate House, and into the centre. How can you beat that! Oh well, shouldnít complain really. Iím going back again on Friday!

Think lack of sleep is making me grouchy(sod that, I know it. I turn into a monster if I don't get enough sleep-quite a nice one though…) Couldnít get a wink of sleep last night-I have no idea why!

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