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March 11, 2005

The evilness of haribo…

Have discovered that haribo makes me suicidal. I think probably that and trying to study cancer all day.

Stupid thing, should be in a good mood. Got a first in my seminar which means that have nice borderline average to go into finals with. And then the haribo turned me evil.

End of term now -and I can't go back to Cambridge because I have to work in library and be a good girl to make my parents proud-plus if I do go back I'll just go out with my friends and spend all my money(which is a bad, bad thing!). So it's probably not entirely haribo's fault. Although I still think it's evil.

(Note to self: Do not buy Haribo again. Especially not the kiddie mix.)

The illogicality of naked women

I may be one of the most illogical and irrational females around (as any male with the dubious pleasure of my acquaintance will testify-a dropped jaw and a stunned expression being one of the most common sights whenever I make one of my logical reasoned arguments (hey, at least it wasn't me that tried to boil milk in a kettle (even if I am genetically related to them)-it would never even occur to me to think that was a good idea!)) but still I just witnessed an event at the gym which makes no sense to me at all. It does concern NAKED FEMALES though.

OK, in my gym there are naked females wandering around-this I have got used to and am no longer bothered by. But today, I got in from my (strenuous) workout, and a girl who had been having a naked sauna when I came in (naughty, naughty-although, Lorna, you, me and 25%...! heheheh) and had been happily wandering around in the changing rooms in the buff, was blow drying her hair. In a thong. She then proceeded to apply make up and all the other things one does to make one look presentable before leaving (all in this thong-black, quite a nice one actually). She then proceeded to go into one of the curtained off cubicles to get dressed. Those cubicles are disgusting-they absolutely reek, the aim is to spend as little time in them as possible. So why would someone who happily walks around naked want to get changed in one?! Can anyone explain?!


Boiler is still broken, and no one's coming around until 4 to fix it. Which means I have to go to the gym again. All good for the health and fitness side of it I guess, but oh the hassle. Plus am tired (and a little hungover) and exercise at this time of the morning is just wrong. Still, hot shower:)

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