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April 27, 2005

sony vaio VGN FS–115B and my linux experience.

For last one month or so, i was trying hard to install a stable flavor of linux on my laptop. My laptop is sony vaio model VGN FS115B. To start with, I tried Fedora core 3. It couldnt recognize my sound card, touchpad (tapping and scrolling wasnt working properly) and my display was a pathetic 1024×768when I have 1280×800 resolution capability on my XBlack LCD screen). in short, nothing was really working ;). So i thought of upgrading it to FC4, in the hope that things will probably go better. Meanwhile, I tried 3 different kernels and tried installing drivers for my display I915GM and soundcard(RealTek) but it kept on troubling me in something or the other. In short, it didnt recognize even the basic hardware of my machine properly.

After lot of painful nights of Red-ha(ck)ting, I thought of trying some new linux, and I downloaded Mandrake 10.1 from DC++. It was very cool and user-friendly OS in my opinion, it looks good — icons, wallpapers and other stuff is very attractive. But on the front of hardware recognition, it was more or less like Redhat FC3. I.e, 1024×800, no soundcard detection and touchpad with very basic capabilities. So i decided to move on and again connected DC++ for SuSE9.3 this time.

Suse 9.3 was some 3.5 GB stuff on a DVD. let me tell you that installing SuSe is a different experience alltogether. I am very much impressed by its intelligence :). it probed all the hardware properly including touchpad and sound and i got a professional(Novell) linux flavour on my machine. But I wasn't satisfied with my display. I tried changing modeline stuff and did lot of tweaking in the xorg.conf to accomodate my non-standard display, but no efforts of mine tasted success. It is then, I came across this website: link
and then

i realized that I have to change my VBIOs settings using the tool 915resolution from : link

It is because my VBIOS has some fixed set of resolutions and no matter what I write in my xorg.conf, it always take some fitting resolution form the fixed settings and gave me 1024×768 always. I changes the setting using this tool and lo, i got the perfect resolution for my screen.

Now My Laptop is working perfectly fine on Suse 9.3 and I have fallen in love with it SuSe.

Here are some of the screenshots of my system:

April 07, 2005

using tags with SML

1. After wasting 3–4 hours on looking for tags utility for sml, I've realized that ctags supports SML also. Ctags provides an option (-e) for generating TAGS file for xemacs. So, in order to create SML tags for xemacs, we can use:
ctags -e -R *
and then use [ Meta-. ] and [ Meta-, ] to navigate through them. To remember this diffficult key-sequence, please notice that in british keyboard dot and comma is on the key having > and <, respectively. So to go forward, press Meta-(key having >) and go backward Meta-(key having <)

2. To use comments in SML, do [ Meta-; ] , xemacs will put (* *) magically in the end of the line :).

3. [ C-c C-l ] loads the current sml files and starts sml.

4. [ C-c C-r ]: send the current region to sml-buffer.

5. [ C-x` ] : go to the src line containing the next error.

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