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January 28, 2006

London national gallery

She met him for the first time in friends party and it seemed that they share common interests. It was like a dream come true for him. He was pretty amazed how similar they were. Her opinions, taste in fashion, her favourite wine, as if he knew what she would like and what won't.

Suddenly she asked, ' As you said, you are new to London, have you seen any museum, art gallery or soemthing …?'

He was sharp enough to seize the opportunity, he made a calculated reply, 'Sadly I have not been to many of them. Though I was at madame tussauds, but thats the only cultural bit, I have bitten in London. What would you suggest?'

' I reckon, as predicted from our little discussion today, you would love the national gallery. I would love to show you around,' she looked directly into his eyes from behind the wine glass while sipping it gently.

' I mean .. that would be.. wow!!! nice idea. So how about this saturday?'

'Fine with me. Take my number and let's meet at trafalgar around 10 am or so,' she replied while searching for her visiting card in her purse.

'Well, thts very kind of you. See you then on saturday,' he replied while taking her visiting card from her.

'see you later, enjoy tha party,' she bent forward and kissed him goodbye.


Next morning, they met at trafalgar square, as decided, but they didn't go to see the national gallery. After sipping a nice cappucino from Giordano, they started walking towards the big ben. They walked that whole day, talked about everything under the sky. She liked just being with him and he has never met to any woman more charming than her. By the evening, it was clear that they were in love. He asked her to live with him and she agreed. Sometime a day can get more changes in the life than a whole year. She moved in his house and they started their journey to know eachother better.

As days passed, he became more and more sure to himself that she was the one. He sensed in her twinkling blue eyes that she also shared this opinion. One fine day, he proposed, she accepted and they got married.
Nearly after two and a half year of their marriage, she expressed the desire to see the national gallery and they agreed to go to national gallery on next saturday.


It was so surprising that he has never been to national gallery in all these years. All these days, whenever he passed through the trafalgar, he reminded himself to go to National gallery, but it never materialized.

'So here we are….' she exclaimed after entering inside the national gallery.

'Finally,' he giggled, as they started the tour of the gallery. They saw many interesting paintings, right from "Venus and Mars" from botticelli to the creation of Leonardo da vinci "madonna of the rocks". They almost lost the track of the time while enjoying their time in the gallery.

Suddenly she said, 'Excuse me, could you please give me a minute? I have to call my husband.'

'What???' he couldn't believe his ears, ' but I am your husband.'

'ha ha ha… nice joke. but Ihave to seriously call Alberto now, He must be waiting for me.' She replied naturally while looking for her mobile in her purse, which she couldn't find.

'What are you.. are you… is everything alright?' he didn't know how to respond in this situation.

' I think I have forgotten my mobile home. I always forget one thing or the other.' She continued, '.. and my husband is always troubled by this problem of mine. You know what? Once I even forgot that I was married and went to my home after a week, ' She laughed. She paused for a moment and then continued, ' can you believe it? Ya I know it sounds weird. Call me a crazy, but it happens to me sometimes.'

While he wasn't sure who was crazy.

January 25, 2006

Pranayama and suspended animation

My hypotheis is that it is possible to attain "suspended animation" with the help of pranayama, a yogic breathing technique, specially using "sitkari.

Definition [Suspended Animation] :
Suspended animation is the condition of the body, when all the activities in the body stops. No blood flowing, no heart pumping, no sign of electric current in the brain. For all practical purposes, organism is dead, except for the fact that it can be brought back to life.

Observation 1: [Sitkari]
In Sitkari, a yogi inhale with his/her mouth by keeping his tounge twisted and touched to the upper palate and retain
prana for as long as possible. In the next step, he/she slowly exhale it using the nostrils. Please note that inhaling makes

a discrete hissing sound.
Sitakari, as its name suggests, has the effect of cooling down the body.

Observation 2: [Body temprature and metabolism interdependece]
Scientists have proved that body tempraqture and metabolism are directly connected. If one can decrease the body temprature by
10 degree centigrade, metabolism of the body decreases by fifty percent.

To get deeper insight to it, let's look into more detail on how body keep itself warm. As we know that we are warm-blooded animals, i.e. our body tries to sustain our body temprature to 98.6 degree F or 37 degree centigrade. To keep it constant, it continuously burn the fuels inside the body (we call it metabolism) and the temprature of the body goes up. this is one of the reason that if we are sitting idle in the cold, we feel it more cold, than when we are doing some physical exercise. So, in short, body uses metabolic processes to increase the temprature.

Definition [Metabolism] Metabolism is the chemical process in the body in which living organisms retrive energy from the food by burning it using oxygen. This energy get converted into body heat and also supply energy to the body for other functioning to keep us alive.

So in simple terminology, major part of what we eat goes into heating up the body andmetabolism makes our body temprature go high.
So, one would wonder whether there is a direct connection on decreasing the body temprature and thus inducing a decrease in metabolism. And in fact, there is.

From here, believe me, that by decreasing the temprature of the body, we can decrease our metabolism and we need less food, less oxygen to perform normal operations — or simple to say to live.

Sitakari is one of the method described in ancient hindu wisdom that helps to decrease body temprature and thus metabolism. If a person performing sitakri get enough expertise to decrease his body temprature upto 10 degree centigrade, body goes into suspended animation.

For more information on the claim about the temprature and metabolism, please refer to newscientist edition, where thery cite Dr. hasan Alam of Massachusetts General hospitol, boston.

Observation 3: Being warm blooded or cold blodded, is not a characterstic of humans(for that matter of mammals), our conscious mind has only learned to delegate the task of keeping the body temprature constant to sub-concious part. We can, if we want, bring back this responsibility to the conscious department of the brain, so we can increase (sithari) or decrease (sithali) the body temprature.

This, I believe can provide scientific basis for several Indian mythological stories, where yogis go in yogic state for several years without requiring food, water or oxygen.

January 20, 2006

Bei mir bist du schoen

One of my favourite song. I listened (and sung) it for the first time in International chor @ Tuebingen. It feels even more beautiful when you sing this song. 'Bei mir bist du schoen' means For me, you are beautiful.
The lyrics here is copied from here.

Of all the boys I've known, and I've known some
Until I first met you, I was lonesome
And when you came in sight, dear, my heart grew light
And this old world seemed new to me

You're really swell, I have to admit you
Deserve expressions that really fit you
And so I've racked my brain, hoping to explain
All the things that you do to me

Bei mir bist du schon, please let me explain
Bei mir bist du schon means you're grand
Bei mir bist du schon, again I'll explain
It means you're the fairest in the land

I could say "Bella, bella", even say "Wunderbar"
Each language only helps me tell you how grand you are

I've tried to explain, bei mir bist du schon
So kiss me and say you understand

Bei mir bist du schon, you've heard it all before

but let me try to explain
Bei mir bist du schon means that you're grand
Bei mir bist du schon, it's such an old refrain

and yet I should explain
It means I am begging for your hand

I could say "Bella, bella", even say "Wunderbar"
Each language only helps me tell you how grand you are

——— instrumental break ———

I could say "Bella, bella", even say "Wunderbar"
Each language only helps me tell you how grand you are

I've tried to explain, bei mir bist du schon
So kiss me and say that you will understand

January 16, 2006

thought of the day

Change is the flaw of nature :)

January 12, 2006

Grad Horoscope

Grad Horoscope of the year

PhD Comics

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