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May 24, 2005

Braille Leraning.

Learning braille is very easy and it can be very helpful to interact with your blind friends. If everyone in the world read and write braille, it can change the life for blind people. Here is a collection of some Braille learning websites:
Braille through remote learning
Braille Institute
Text to Braille converter

Here is basic braille aplphabet.

Entire Braille alphabet is based on six dots, like in dice, numberd as follows:

1 . . 4

2 . . 5

3 . . 6
These six dots make total 63 characters possible (2^6 – 1 for blank).

Braille alphabet follows a simple algorithm, you do not have to remeber all dots position corresponding to all characters. Just remember dots from A to J. A to J are written in top four dots (1–2-4–5). Rest will derive from them. e.g.:
K to T: same as A to J, except add dot 3.
U to Z except W: same as A to E, except add two dots at 3 and 6.
Trivia: why W is not there? Simple W was not in french alphabet when Baille was invented. W has got a special symbol, invented by Americans.
1 to 0: same sequence as A to Z, but they are in lower four dots i.e. (2–3-5–6).

I read it somewhere that it is easy for people with eyes to learn braille than blind people, as they can cheat. They can see the dots. Invest some time in learning.


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