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June 16, 2005

university motto

I was looking at the crest of Warwick University and then I saw the motto of the university. It was written bit strangely. I couldnt figure out what it was. My first guess was Mensagi Tatmolem. I searched the web, didn't get any entry for that. I changed my key words to Mens tat agi molem, boh!!! nothing again. Then I thought of giving Mens agi tat molem a try. I didnt get it right this time also, but I got another entry that was a wikipedia entry for warwick university and I got the correct phrase MENS AGITAT MOLEM.

Using my basic latin knowledge, I guessed the meaning of mens as mind and agitat, as agitato in italian, means shaked or disturbed, but I have never heard of the word Molem. I checked couple of latin online dictionaries, but could not figure out the meaning of MOLEM. I looked again on google for the meaning of this whole phrase and I got and entry that translated it as The mind moves matter. But this didnt make much sense to me , but then I got one entry that translated molem as mountain and then I realized the meaning of our motto.

MENS AGITAT MOLEM — The mind has the power to shake even mountains. So beautiful, so true. and so inspiring.

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