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August 27, 2009

Tonight is the time to sort it all out

A quick hello again, everyone. Regular blog updates will be had -- once more -- every week by Sunday, with my Video Gaming news in between when I can fit it. That way I can pretend I'm a real Journalist with responsibilities and everything.

I might even have to start wearing a hat.

So doing Philosophy, a question I get repeated a lot at me is the some what Derisive "What's the Meaning of Life". I think the people that ask this never actually want an answer; I think they just want to make me hate them. This is a very successful gambit, so far. Regardless, I now intend to address the issue here, simply so that I don't have to try to explain it ever again.

Chekov once said something along the gist of life being like a carrot, in that it is pointless trying to compare it with anything. The only thing it makes any sense to view it with are other carrots; and then the only conclusion you can come to is that "Yes these are carrots, and some are mildly different but they are all essentially carrots". So that is the only conclusion we can have. Carrots are. There are no nega-carrots or anti-vegetables to contrast them, we only have Carrots or no Carrots. There are plenty of things that aren't Carrots, but they are entirely unuseful for our understanding of Carrots.

Buckle yourselves in, Ladies and Gents, for an extended Carrot Metaphor.

Whenever you want to consider something about life, I wish you first to consider whether the question would apply suitably if you substituted 'Life' for 'A Carrot'. "What is the meaning of life?" becomes "What is the meaning of A Carrot". This is a stupid question. We know this is a stupid question. Carrots do not have meaning, they are a thing that is. Things aren't necessarily things because of or due to something, they are just existences. Life, then, is meaningless. But so is A Carrot, and they seem to do just okay thanks.

What sort of questions can be asked about life then? Well, let us subtract the meaning, and ask "What is life?". This is a more substantial question certainly, and one with perhaps a real answer. But, as it can be asked the same as "What is A Carrot?" it can be answered the same also.

You know what a fucking Carrot is, now don't be an idiot.

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