December 23, 2005

Yet Another

i dunno…

Pandora (A Poem for Doubt)

I once owned
this ladyís box
not knowing
what was inside
And i thought
I'd never know
until the
time i tried.

I won't waste
my breath
explaining what
you would
all endure,
on opening
that tender lid
and taking
whatís in store

For when I did,
I wished Iíd not
and cried
for many nights,
Getting up
To face
the day
became a
constant fight.

Iím glad to say
thatís over now
and I walk
where I please.
I gained strength
from that
pale box
and its
strange disease.

Now I'm not sure
if i should cry
or smile
or scream
or laugh
for once again
Iíve found myself
down its path.

Now I know
just what it is
itís hard to
stay away.
But if i do
i'll never tell,
for i will
be betrayed.

December 14, 2005



Killing us is rumourís sport
and all unite, lacking
thought of who; or what
you came to say.


Plural suitcase, full of
energy asks if we can
take it.
Iím not sure that I'm enough.
Advance and comment naked.


Really donít know just
how to start,
Iím lost
nothingís real.
Nearby, you are
on your own and
no one hears you crying.


Only you could
laugh and joke while
Injuns call and kill us all.

December 12, 2005


NaDa software


December 11, 2005


Chained and heavy books
Are thrust onto my lap,
Break my breakfast table
And rip the laced cloth.

Later while my memory is elsewhere.
My neck is grazed by painted fingernails.
Hidden in the artistís doorway,
We share tales of pain
And move closer,
Your toes are stirring the welcome mat.

Dimly lit by an old art-deco bulb
You are like that cover,
Pure white and torn.

November 27, 2005


How can I concentrate?
Iíve left the lights off in the living room.
On my thumb-
Printed PC screen
Stick men quench
Their thirst for fire,
And polar bears
To make matters worse
The radio sings to t-t-t-t-touch me
In Mexican
Next door a madman recites
French poetry,
Swears aloud
And calls me ĎMateyí.

November 25, 2005

2 poems

Good Riddance Letter

I cannot
Write well
So then
Hear me
I wonít
Take my
Own life
In jest
En vogue
En pain
In text.


Shut your fucking mouth
I like what I hear.

I touch you
You crawl

You grip me
I yawn.

Part your red-sea lips
Iíve gone all poetic Ė ho hum.


Eat your chewing gum
Place it under the table
Squash it with your thumb


For Someone

I am not your equal;
I am ten times your better.
Hearts turn to paper and fold.

You see me in the street
I am two foot higher
On the surface we are cold.

Our faces did not meet.
You fell asleep in spite.

I am not your equal
I was born a different kind
Teardrops kiss the floor and die.

I think of you outside,
Under covers we are warm.
You will never enter here.
Lips close in private and melt.

Two Short Poems


If youíve lost all faith
Thereís just one thing
That I can ever ask.
Please donít turn and look at me,
Lie through bare and gritted teeth,
But tell me what you really think.
Your honesty means more to me.


I donít care, girl, if it shows
And I donít mind of others know
But I hope I'll stay on track.
If you talk behind my back

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