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October 10, 2007

Common Sense =/= Common Practice

Looking back on my jibbrish lecture memo from Monday there was something that really got me thinking.  That something is the graph Paul drew up while we were discussing 'customer satisfaction vs basic requirement' which is shown below.

Customer Satisfaction vs Basic Requirements

( Obviously my "Paint" skill is equivalent of that of a 5 year-old but as long as it gets the massege across it's all good)

If I recall correctly, the red line represents the relationship between basic "unspoken" requirements and customer satisfaction where not having the basic requirements will drive customer satisfaction down violently. On the otherhand, having met basic requirements will, at best, result as an OK satisfaction.  Putting this context in lay terms, to my knowledge, is probably equivalent to "grumpy customers are the loudest"

Moving on to the blue line, I think it represents actual performance (though I am not quite sure about this because I wasn't concentrating. I'm sorry Paul but thetheatre was so warm and cosy :D ). This line indicates that customer satisfaction is pretty much directly proportional to actual performance.

Lastly, the red line up the top comes into play when innovative feature is added to your product. Introducing something useful that has not been seen anywhere before (iPod, anyone?) is very likely to get the customers excited and excited customers are naturally very very satisfied.

To summarise things up I'd like to introduce you to my first 'Paul's quote of the day' :

"[Innovative feature] is exciting today. It will just be talked about tomorrow. And it will become a basic requirement the day after tomorrow."

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