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October 21, 2007

The Wind

Saw this clip in the morning and fell in love with it. Very heart warming and at the same time it is about   something I am really interested in - renewable energy. I believe that renewable energy is the way of the future that is, unfortunately, underappreciated in most parts of the world. Having watched the clip I then looked up the company's website and found out that the company not only deals with the wind but also many other renweable energy sources such as photovoltaics and bioenergy.


Digging deeper into the site I noticed that the company's philosophy consists of many elements which I have become famaliar with in this past two weeks  such as trust, innovation, commitment to the environment and entrepreneurial spirit. I then begin to wonder if the company follows any of the excellence models or not and since the company is based in germany I suspect the model would be EFQM. After about an hour of searching the best I could come up with is an article written in German that contains the words EFQM and Voltwerk AG (the company's recently changed its name a few years back) and I do not think that is helping much.

I  really feel strongly about working in this field and I hope I can bring "excellence" into the mix. (hmm...why do I suddenly sound like I'm writing a CV or something but anyways...)

Let's just hope it's not too late to cure mother earth.

October 17, 2007

Saved By The Bell (literally)


Quite funny, wasn't it? That while we were amidst our catastrophic start of the first of our presentations this morning the fire alarm went off and saved us from humiliating ourselves - literally saved by the bell. It feels somewhat let down to face the fact we have a very very long way to go to even achieve an acceptable presentation, let alone a decent one. I guess this is what one has got to go through on their way to excellence so I'll just need to keep my head up and see it through.

One point I noticed about myself after having gone through quite a considerable amount of seminars and presentations is that I am quite incapable of following through the points I have made. I believe that I am a quick thinker (this may come out as if I'm full of myself but I hope you understand what I mean) but, after having expressed my opinion, I usually fail to come up with an elaboration to help clarify the point I have just made and I would just go with the usual "hmm, uh,.....yeah". Will a year at Warwick help me me find my voice? That we'll have to wait and see.

October 15, 2007

Traffic Tracking, Presentation and Procrastination


Thanks to Hiren I have somehow managed to embed google analytics' traffic tracking HTML code into this blog. Hopefully, this will motivate me to blog more frequently (apart from those 10 marks from Paul ;-)   ) since I will be able to see the popularity (or a lack thereof) of my blog and know where in the globe people are reading my blog from. 

On to the topic of our presentation last Wednesday, I believe that we performed quite well for the given time frame and I am really proud of the fact that we are the only team that includes real world examples and referenced our sources - even though most of them are from the internet. That being well and good I think our major let down is that we did not look close enough into the comparison of excellence models. Looking on the bright side we did not crash and burn (or did we? :D ) and many thanks to Paul for being so generous and hanging in there with us.

Last thing I want to mention today is that I passionately loathe procrastination for I have been, all my life, haunted by this procrastinative habit of mine. THIS HAVE GOT TO STOP!   I know changing a life long habit is not going to happen overnight, or even a month, and it will not be easy. But as it was once said by M. Kathleen Casey , and I quote, "Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional."

October 10, 2007

Common Sense =/= Common Practice

Looking back on my jibbrish lecture memo from Monday there was something that really got me thinking.  That something is the graph Paul drew up while we were discussing 'customer satisfaction vs basic requirement' which is shown below.

Customer Satisfaction vs Basic Requirements

( Obviously my "Paint" skill is equivalent of that of a 5 year-old but as long as it gets the massege across it's all good)

If I recall correctly, the red line represents the relationship between basic "unspoken" requirements and customer satisfaction where not having the basic requirements will drive customer satisfaction down violently. On the otherhand, having met basic requirements will, at best, result as an OK satisfaction.  Putting this context in lay terms, to my knowledge, is probably equivalent to "grumpy customers are the loudest"

Moving on to the blue line, I think it represents actual performance (though I am not quite sure about this because I wasn't concentrating. I'm sorry Paul but thetheatre was so warm and cosy :D ). This line indicates that customer satisfaction is pretty much directly proportional to actual performance.

Lastly, the red line up the top comes into play when innovative feature is added to your product. Introducing something useful that has not been seen anywhere before (iPod, anyone?) is very likely to get the customers excited and excited customers are naturally very very satisfied.

To summarise things up I'd like to introduce you to my first 'Paul's quote of the day' :

"[Innovative feature] is exciting today. It will just be talked about tomorrow. And it will become a basic requirement the day after tomorrow."

October 05, 2007

Blogging for the sake of blogging

Since I do not have any academic related thing to "reflectively" rant about just yet I might as well just post photos I've taken and see how well the gallery works.

PS. In case you haven't noticed, photography is my hobby.

UPDATE - The gallery works - but that's just about it. Not quite as good as I would have liked it to be but I guess I'll cope. Anyway, since you happenned to come across this blog for whatever reason,  I'd really appreciate it if you would have a look at my photos and say something about them. :D

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