October 15, 2007

Traffic Tracking, Presentation and Procrastination


Thanks to Hiren I have somehow managed to embed google analytics' traffic tracking HTML code into this blog. Hopefully, this will motivate me to blog more frequently (apart from those 10 marks from Paul ;-)   ) since I will be able to see the popularity (or a lack thereof) of my blog and know where in the globe people are reading my blog from. 

On to the topic of our presentation last Wednesday, I believe that we performed quite well for the given time frame and I am really proud of the fact that we are the only team that includes real world examples and referenced our sources - even though most of them are from the internet. That being well and good I think our major let down is that we did not look close enough into the comparison of excellence models. Looking on the bright side we did not crash and burn (or did we? :D ) and many thanks to Paul for being so generous and hanging in there with us.

Last thing I want to mention today is that I passionately loathe procrastination for I have been, all my life, haunted by this procrastinative habit of mine. THIS HAVE GOT TO STOP!   I know changing a life long habit is not going to happen overnight, or even a month, and it will not be easy. But as it was once said by M. Kathleen Casey , and I quote, "Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional."

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  1. Mathew Mannion

    Warwick Blogs actually natively supports Google Analytics :)

    15 Oct 2007, 23:20

  2. Sigh, if only I knew this before…

    But looking at the procedures I think it is quite similar – just that I did it the hard way.

    Anyway, thanks for the tip. Really appreciate it. If you have any other cool tips please do not hesitate to tell me!

    15 Oct 2007, 23:33

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