December 02, 2004

Song – Show me the door

Song yet to be created on guitar but here are the lyrics. I like them, but not too much. Some constructive criticism wouldn't go amiss!

Show me the door:—-

So many questions lie ahead,
Along this path we were lead.
Fate knows where we are going
Our horizon, where we are heading.

Why canít I find my way?
(In this place we call home?)
Why canít I find you?
(When I know just where you are?)

So many answers lie ahead,
I dream of you while in my bed.
Surrounded by light filled pools,
This song breaks the rules.

Why canít I find my way?
(In this place we call home?)
Why canít I find you?
(When I know just where you are?)

I donít want to be tricked anymore,
So Iíve just shown fate the door.
Come to me, come in the night,
This line is against the rules.

Why canít I find my way?
(In this place we call home?)
Why canít I find you?
(When I know just where you are?)

November 25, 2004

Monitor….if that's what they're still called!

I've just been to see Paddy, Chaz and Toby play again. I saw them play in Leamington last week. Today they played at 'Best New Band' night in the Graduate.

However, they now have a new member. Jen. Jen plays the bass, and everyone that was near me agreed that she rocked! She had only been with them two days and yet had learnt their songs and played incredibly. We were all also in agreement that my hat looked great on her!

Everybody performed beautifully. Paddy's voice was spot on, Toby's style was captivating and Chaz was so full of energy (and as should be expected from an amazing drummer; rhythm and flare).

Well done guys.

November 16, 2004


If you don't like Evanescence, you might want to have a listen to some of their earlier stuff, it's so different. Also, if you already like Evanescence, check it out as well, their first album was called Origin (Fallen WAS NOT their debut album.)

I think 'The Last Day' is just fantastic.

November 15, 2004

Prodigy – Smack my b***h up

What does everybody think about the song 'The Prodigy – Smack my b***h up'? How offended are you by the lyrics?

1. Please try and not repeat each other.
2. I love this song, I don't however, refer to my girlfriend as my b***h.
3. Because of this, don't start stereotyping people that like this song, or in fact the Prodigy. They invented their own genre and have been very successful, so comments along the lines of 'They're crap' will be deleted.

Would really appreciate your views on this song guys, thanks.

November 11, 2004

Tequila Soc

Writing about web page

If you like Tequila then naturally, the Tequila Appreciation Soc is for you! To join just log onto Dan's blog and leave a post! In fact, even if you don't really like Tequila you can still come (just keep it quiet).

I went to my first meeting last night, and had a great time! Teaching new games can be very fun, especially Commander says. The reason being, even after explaining the (simple) rules, I still managed to catch EVERYBODY in the group out.

My favourite quote comes from Paddy: "Oh shit! That's a nice phone, what is it? Oh wait! I've got the same!". For the full minutes, check out Dan's blog soon.

October 23, 2004

Final Destination 2

If you have seen the film Final Destination 2…do you ever wonder how much Apple paid them for all the plugs?!

October 22, 2004

First Entry

This is my first entry on my 'Blog'. Where the hell does that word come from anyway?! Ok...just went back and actually read the home page, it stands for 'web log'

You'll probably notice a trend with these entries…and that is I don't have much time or patience, as I usually have lectures to go to! Right now…it's Introduction to Geometry. Why can't it be that anything with 'Introduction' in the title is easy?


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