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October 23, 2005

Formula 1 – Frustrations of a Kimi fan

Again my sundays are grand prix-less and I sit here and can't help but wonder how it all went wrong. Few would deny that for at least 2/3rds of this season Kimi was the man, OK Alonso fans – shut up – ur in denial, KIMI WAS THE MAN, MAN!!! Yet he still finished a miserable second in the championship, as did Mclaren in the constructor's! They say a workman shouldn't blame his tools, and although in the Mclaren Kimi certainly had the best 'tool', it was certainly flawed in reliability and I can't help but think this season woulda panned out a whole lot different had it had the reliance of the Renault.
Alas, I must remain optimistic that come february all will be fixed and for now appreciate having every other sunday free, but as they say; 'is a bird free from the chains of the skyway". Indeed.

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