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January 19, 2011

First Assignment : Dialogue this is new! This is the first blog post I've ever done in my life ever ever! Let's take a second to savour the moment...


Assignment 1 for Term 2 of Introduction to Creative Writing. Write a dialogue between 2 people where one knows another's secret. An exercise in powerplay. In the case of my dialogue, the powerplay can go either way depending on one's own interpretation. Creatively, my characters are called A and B where A is the one with the secret. 


B: Hey, have a good weekend?

A: Yeah it wasn't

B: Anything interesting happen? Have you already decided what you want?

A: What do you mean? 

B: (pause) From the menu?

A: What do you mean 'did anything interesting happen?'

B: Well, did anything interesting happen?

A: No. Nothing. Why?

B: No reason. How was Megan's party?

A: Why? Has someone said something?

B: No. So something didhappen then?

A: No. Why? Do you think something did?

B: Did you end up going out on Friday?

A: (pause) Yes.

B: (pause) Well...was it good?

A: (pause) Yes.

B: Why are you being weird?

A: I'm not being weird. You're being weird.

B: Why have you gone all red?

A: Because you're being weird and making me paranoid.

B: God, calm down. I was only asking.

A: You're asking like you know something...or whatever, like...nothing happened or anything. I just don't likepeople spreading rumours about me.

B: Who's spreading rumours about you? Really...anyone would think you'd been caught with your pants down...the way you're acting!

And there it is. First draft. Obviously could be better but it's a start. Now to start work on the prose...

Thanks for reading :)

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