February 02, 2011

Some poems from last term

I haven't done a second draft of either of them yet...I'm not really sure if I was supposed to :S But anyhoo, here are a couple of my poems from last term that I like the most.

An ode to Alfred Nobel

A paradox, an oxymoron

The expensive fur coat she bought

The very first and last cigarette

He never wished he’s never had

Where does a moral compass point

For this colourless, oily liquid?

One way to destruction and death

The other to joy and lives rebuilt

It oozes its way to a crossroads

And it creeps to the Middle East

And also finds its way to our hearts

Showing mercy through little pills

One cannot help but wonder if

Doctor Nobel was out of his mind

When he harnessed this great monster

That responds so well to discipline

Thank you Doctor Nobel

Thank you for nothing

For this gift that you have given us

You should be ashamed

For the lives that you have saved

For the lives that you have taken

You can keep your wicked prize

Or just leave it by the door on your way out


The remains of Valentines Day dinner

You wonder what to make of the leftovers

The rice and potatoes. The old meat has gone.

A second full plate. All over the floor in pieces

The presents still wrapped. Still waiting.

A single stump of a candle and black lilies.

A single empty glass winking at you

The room is filled with shadows that aren’t yours

Burn it all. Chuck it in your largest cauldron

On your largest hob. Burn it all.

The saccharine smell of seven months

Rising into your extractor fan

And leaving the bittersweet aftertaste

It’s so hot, suffocating, panicking

You open the window to get some air

Out of the black, you see her, pale and splendid

Beyond your reach. This is it.

The blood has drained from your face

You shut her out and the kitchen glows like an inferno

Your hurt passes with the night

The sun has risen

Gold sieved from the ashen moon

You breathe it in and bottle it

Sod it. The best thing she ever wasted

Stop crawling back inside yourself

This will put some colour back into your cheeks

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