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November 18, 2007

Where's the election hype?

It seems the hype and excitement of the 2002 Kenyan elections has not carried on to this year. Or maybe its because I’m sitting 5,000 miles away from the theatre of comedy?

Last time Kibaki on his NARC (National Rainbow Coalition) ticket was helped by Gidi Gidi Maji Maji’s “Who can bwogo me” song. What a hit it was! and the beat still makes me want to get up and rap along with them. The song was so popular it was performed at the Big Brother Africa finale…

anyways back to the point.
The presidential race seems so open that Mwai Kibaki might not finish his 40 years+ political career in the highest seat. There are many reasons for this…

Tribal power is still a big thing – there’s no such thing as national unity during a run-up to an election. The diasphora and those outside the country may seem united as one nationality but the divides are rampant when in the country. Tribes are uniting to oust the ones in power. But ousting the one will mean the tribes that are united will start fighting should they win on December 27th.

Kibaki did not deliver the new constitution in the 100 days he promised. 5 years on and we’re still waiting. I am fed up like most of the 35 million Kenyans. The 17 million eligible voters will make this known.

Corruption. Some say its reduced. Some say its increased. The police remain on top of the corruption league. I honestly don’t see a solution to this problem for the next 50 years. But the majority will decide on whether corruption has increased or not.

Kibaki does have one trump card: the economy has completely turned around since 2002. Whatever the growth figure is, the average Kenyan now has disposable income and a flood of foreign goods has brought the country closer to being part of the globalised world. Exports have also gone up as has tourism. But with growth comes inflation and rising operating costs…

Raila “The Hummer” Odinga might just win for the sake of ‘positive change’. Whoever wins, the country is on its way forward.

June 01, 2007

Lions, Buffaloes, Crocs…

Kruger National Park, South Africa…

May 03, 2007

Manufacturing Engineering!

I saw this video and thought maybe its time to stop cursing Microsoft!

March 27, 2007

Kenyan police…in the name of internal security!

This is what the Kenyan police do in the name of internal security. Thank God for liberalised media…

KENYA CORRUPTION SCANDAL: Security video footage of Kenyan police raiding the offices of a newspaper. CCTV video via the East African Standard.

Blogger mentalacrobatics explains, “This rapid response unit is code-named the Kanga Squad, detectives from Nairobi provincial CID headquarters and officers from the General Service Unit. They are wearing bright orange reflective vests with ‘QRU’ for Quick Rescue Unit/Quick Response Unit which indicates their day job of fight hardcore criminals like carjackers, bank robbers and murder hit squads.

These pictures are very disturbing. In some of them they have an employee spread eagled on the floor with a gun pressed against his/her head and a boot in his/her face. Remember these are NOT criminals being man handled like this. These are Kenyan men and women who went to work only to be pistol whipped and roughed up by an elite police squad.”

November 22, 2006

Lakeside ducks

Edit: This was not done by me but thought it was worth giving it more exposure :-)

November 17, 2006

Michael Jackson. Legend.

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