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November 12, 2006

Corruption, Drugs, Crime – Welcome to Kenya

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If you didn’t know where to get a solid supply of drugs, now you know. And if you wondered why the country is so rich yet still seeking foreign aid, now you know.

Its sad for a nation which had such potential, rated amongst Korea and Taiwan at one point when they achieved indepence in the same period in the 1960s, to now be tripping over itself. And now my question is this:

Is it the people’s fault for not speaking up or do we blame those in power who’ve taken advantage of their seats and access to ‘special permission/authority’ ??

I think its time the Kenyan people start fighting for what it deserves instead of sitting back, watching and waiting for this tide of greed to pass over. The diaspora left because of the inherent problems and now its time you all came back – in one big wave.

Kenya is now a nation known for corruption, drugs and crime rather than wildlife, beaches and warm people. RIP Kenya.

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