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March 11, 2007

You are what you speak

It’s horrible how some people speak to their peers. Superiority is not an excuse, nor does it exist. They are not smart in the same way you may be. They are smarter in a different way where you aren’t. Their interests may be different and their reactions may be simple yet it still doesn’t give you the right to speak in a tone and with the aggression that implies you are superior and they are inferior. The funny thing is they run when the topic turns to something they have no knowledge of and quickly try to change the topic. The vibe of uncomfort is noticeable. And hoping ‘friends’ will support you at every stage is bold. Some of us choose to go on the path of what is right and what is possible. We may also have logical approaches. Wake up and realise that you are only what you speak. Only your own world revolves around you. Maybe listening once in a while may help rather than preaching how inferior we are and how we should perform.

These same people seem to speak without thinking. You may not be happy about something but some of us are unaffected. So keep your thoughts to yourself and frankly deal with it. Often you have no choice and no time to whinge about it. Not so superior now are you?

How would you cope if challenged with the Kanchanjunga trek? Oh sorry, ok, we’ll change the topic.

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