March 28, 2013

Religious Literacy and Spirituality (Christian Muslim Forum)

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The conference on Religious Literacy and Spirituality (held on 14th March, 2013 in Wesminster Abbey) invited key organisations within the RE community to participate in a discussion regarding how the dimension of spirituality might best be located within work to develop religious literacy in children and young people today.

The conference provided me an opportunity to meet practitioners from different parts of UK who were really concerned about RE inclusion/exclusion in the school national curriculum and how it impacted the spiritual growth of children. It was enterprising to see how Chriatians and Muslims have collaborated on a forum in order to safeguard the teachings of their respective religions.

The two workshops I attended during the day were:

  1. "The Sacred Spaces project on Creativity and Spirituality" by Shaykh Ibrahim Mogra
  2. "Christian Meditation with Children" by Charles & Patricia Posnett (World Community of Christian Meditation)

Both these workshops enabled me to closely observe the similarities and differences between the two religions on the aspect of spirituality. But the fact worth appreciating was that how the two diverse religious groups (Christians andn Muslims) respect each others' views and make a deliberate effort to live in peace and harmony in a plural and secular society.



EndNote X6

EndNote is a powerful tool for managing a research. Having attended the workshop for EndNote X6, I learnt how to move seamlessly through my research process using flexible tools for searching, organizing and sharing my research, creating my bibliography (which seems to be a daunting task if left till the end) and writing my research. Using the EndNote as a referencing tool is a little complicated to start with, but acts as a wonderful manager and organizer for all my research resources.

How to be an Effective Researcher at the University of Warwick

This workshop (conducted on 29th January, 2013) was a brilliant opportunity for new reserchers to learn about how to become an effective researcher. I had the chance of meeting a number of researchers who, just like me, were in their first year of PhD and were on keen learning more about the study programme as well as research. The workshop provided some useful insights into:

  • getting to know other researchers and establishing common ground
  • Professional Researcher Development (PRD) tool
  • Project management task (problem solving)
  • tuning in to my research
  • working effectively with others
  • managing professional relationships
  • making the most of my research
  • building a postgraduate community

Warwick Institute of Education Post Graduate Conference– 2013

The WIEPG conference is an annual event hosted by the Institute of Education. It is open to taught and research postgraduate students from Warwick Institute of Education as well undergraduate degree students and other Warwick students studying in congate disciplines. The conference aims to provide students with the opportunity to present their work to an audience of fellow students and experts in the field of educational research, to help students develop their presentation skills and to create a supportive community for young postgraduate researchers.

This year, I was selected as a member of the conference academic and organizing committees . My key tasks included:

  • liaisoning with all WIE students in receiving their nominations as well as abstracts
  • coordinating with other committee members in planning, organizing and implementing decisions regarding the conference
  • initiating and coordinating email correspondence with committee members as well as students
  • reviewing abstracts with the conference academic committee
  • managing and supervising student volunteers in terms of communicating with them and assigning various tasks
  • playing an active role on the conference day to ensure smooth running of the event

I am honored to be part of such a wonderful event hosted by the Institute of Education. With my previous skills of working in the capacity of team leader and organizer, this will be a good addtion to my professional portfolio.


WIEPG Conference

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