September 27, 2005

Wholly shit

Hi all, just come back from my year out. I've missed uni life, because i absolutely hated the 9–5 a day.

One thing i wont be missing, though, is the smell of shite all over campus! -Whats that about ??

I'm in the library right now, and that's bad enough (ahem), but on top of that – it smells like king kong has taken a dump in the Social Science Periodicals Isle – fair play, but gimme a break!

I know that there are some fields around the campus, so it may be the result of some farmer spreading shite over his land. Any idea? If so, I'll see what i can do, because i dont wanna leave uni this year thinking 'yeh it was really good…smelled like shit tho'

If anyone has any other ideas as to the cause of this, let me know

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