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February 23, 2006


Using scorecards for CTQs was a sensible approach, it could have been better if some rating or R-squared value or some index which denotes CTQ's impact on to the system level,subsystem level and product level performance was added alonwith the scorecard. FMECA started with lecture session and moved on to the practical session. Lot of confusions in the areas of understanding failure mode,effect,cause,part level,system level,functions,requiremets…and usage over a period of time is surely going to solve this problem. I will have to gain on job experience in the company alongwith some experts…..which might give me a better understanding. It was really a ritual in most of our supplier companies to conduct FMEA…that too once in a year only or only when a new product is launched… Paul rightly mentioned it as the lip service.How do we make the lip service provider a real service provider??? There is were I need to contribute. Good. Need to work on the inmodule work.


Brief introduction about Jane on DFX followed by the life and reliability distributions lecture ( for me its the nth time), still finding it new, as usual understand at the moment and then later on getting confused. Was able to appreciate and understand the effort put by our company in bath tub curve study and the actions based on that. Afternoon started with eliciting expert judgement by a consultant from Goodrich…its all capturing the knowledge of the experts in relevant areas and using it for product development. It is critical but most of the companies still neglect it and dont visualise the mammoth opportunity loss of not using the expertise. As Vlad was rightly saying the knowledge capture / sharing need to be brought as an obligation of the employees. The seminar on simulation,variation reduction and GD&T was very much useful for a guy like me, who works on the product and not on the production or design side. The few exercises which he gave us tried to keep us on the go. Late in the evening started with the inmodule work and went on till 2200.

February 21, 2006


It was customer's voice all through the day. How to gather, what data would be required, what questions need to be asked, it was real fun in doing it….with some assumptions. Discussion on the Kano model was very useful and helpful, that simple graph being used to explain the customers expectations, needs, excitment, how the data speaks in relevance to that, what need to be understood about the data before analysing the VOC….was not knowing the importance all these days. A good learning. Rest of the day was all through QFD QFD and QFD. Eventhough I had some exposure to QFD I hadnt any formal training, nor used it in onhand. Felt embarassed to say that our company follows QFD but I dont have enough experience in using it…. but thats true. The overall exercise was very useful but it has so happened that most of the data entered based on assumptions without product knowledge. ( but agree that it is important to understand the concept behind it ). Surely I can contribute in a QFD team with the knowledge acquired.

February 20, 2006

PEUSS introduction

The module started a bit late after some hussybussy games. Some of the points which were discussed time and again that the 6sigma projects are financially driven,customer and result focussed were fed through the first few mins. But the real difference between SS and DFSS lies in the fact that DFSS focusses not on the process but on designing the process. Felt sorry about the crazy people when Jane told that there were about 10 to 12 semantics for the DFSS steps. Had a risk assessment of my M.Sc project as a part of learning about the risk management, mostly I found it inline with FMEA methodology and Jane was inline with it. The next two sessions were by Peter brooke on capturing customer requirements. Was interesting to know about the interviews, surveys, data gathering, kano model, VOC….Enojyed the session. Next came the overall most disastrous and boring sessionI have ever attended in WMG, the session on Requirements management & Doors by Keith collyer, it was too compressed that he didnt find enought time to explain fully and as he was grazing throught concepts it was harder to follow him continously. Will be happy if people relook at the content of this session and consider the overall time alocated. Followed by the classroom sessions, our team members met to decide on the internal assessment work. I need to go throught DFx from the book DFSS by crevling. Finished going through the superficial introduction given just now and getting ready for sweet dreams.

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