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March 14, 2006

RDD Day 2

Day on system analysis. Various analysis tools like reliability block diagram, Markov analysis, Petri net diagram were taught during the morning session. Though these tools seem to be entirely different they have the common base or notion of representing complex systems as easily understood funcitonal requirements. A normal process of learning is to understand a technique, use it in a simple example to ensure the understanding and go further. My process of learning today was a bit reverse, through trial and error arrived at the results and then understood how did I do that. More of circuit diagrams with if and elses…confusing at the first moment but later gives a better picture. i am not able to imagine the size such a diagram for a entire system like aircraft…understanding those diagram might be a real problem. If that is the case, how do people make it happen and convince others. Seminar on what is robustness? brought in different dimesnsions from different people. Discussed in groups of two about robustness…our approach was to bring out the attributes of robustness from normal day to day words used like its robust XYZ. The other teams approach was to see robustness from the perspective of various specialist. Towards the end we narrowed down to reliability, safety and input variation ..further discussion to continue tomorrow. PARIS train crash issue heated up in the team … decided to list the various failures which had resulted in the accident and then try to look fo the tools which would have diagnosed the same. Our team came up with an ample number (25) different reasons or failures for that accident. Will have to work out which tool would answer each problem. LOT TO GO. Have to work on PPMC assignment.

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