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November 21, 2012


The analysis is basically the heart of PMA. Today I researched about the real life examples of the learning organizations and it was very hard to accep that the european companies adopted this kind of structure in the late 1990s whereas the organizations in Asia had adopted it in the 1970s. Such is the case mainly in the automotive industry. The europeans adopted this structure after the companies faced the management crises that were inevitable just like the financial crises of 2008 that was inevitable.

November 18, 2012

OL and structure

The structure of a Pma is very important. Although I have researched a lot of articles over the past few weeks bringing that structure into an organized form can be very hard. Structure is very important.

Organization learning as I have researched it a lot has a lot of relation to the efqm and Deming’s profound knowledge.

Many of the articles I read talked about how an OL can come in to being. Analysis of the articles critically has further enhanced my

Its all about improving the structure of the organization. This constant learning process with use of teamwork and team decision making although slow can be very useful. The outcome is always positive as powerful decision can be made. There is always a common goal for the whole organization. Easily achieving goals as all the employees will be involved in the process.

November 14, 2012

PMA enlightenment

The knowledge one gains from doing plain and simple research on ones own is always far superior to that which is given to you through a simple lecture. The question I choose for the pma in cbe is was one regarding the organizational learning.

I learnt through my own personal research by sifting through articles the importance of an organization to come together as a team and learn from each other as it is the only way in which an organization can ever achieve long-term persistent growth. Deming’s system of profound knowledge and the efqm are also closely linked to the process of organizational learning and I feel that I am learning more and more everyday with the more research I am conducting.

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