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October 27, 2012

The beginning of the end.

Yesterday was our last day on the CBE module and it was a great day full of challenging presentations and seminars.

My presentation was on organizational learning and it was a good presentation as my team member helped and we all brain stormed over what is actually necessary when it comes to efficient team work and knowledge sharing. In a way I believe that my team members and I unconsciously started working as a learning organization as we all started to share the knowledge which we all had and started working towards a common shared goal. That is the key factor which I think I have learned from this amazing introductory module.

I know realize the importance of sharing knowledge within an organization from all the individuals within it. Constant learning and feedback leads to an efficient and more desirable outcome.

October 24, 2012


One word which is on my mind a lot these days. “Inspiration”

I have never been inspired in my life, yet I feel inspired in my two weeks of studying at Warwick. I sometimes sit and wonder why? .. I think the answer is plain and simple. I love the teaching method.. I love the discussion and I love the person I think I will be at the end of this year.

I must admit at the beginning of the course I was sceptical of whether or not this degree was actually going to help me climb the career ladder. But I have come to realize that the teaching style at WMG is amazing and radical in its approach.

I feel like I will conquer the world!

Today we had two seminars and it has helped me get more acquainted with my fellow team mates and I rather enjoy my group seminars with them. There is so much one can learn when given a healthy learning environment. We are able to work efficiently as well as have fun. And me is what leads to an efficient workplace. One in which all the workers are considered to be equal and everyone in the team is motivated and happy to work with their fellow team mates.

Targets I learnt are something that will motivate me but in the end it is what I aim to do (goal) which will be a better motivator. As targets lead to nothing but stress for an individual or team alike.

The module will end tomorrow and I feel like I have learnt so much only in a matter of 2 weeks which I never learnt throughout my whole B.Sc degree.

Hence… I feel Inspired!


To me discussions have always been a way to get people to come together and brainstorm to come up with the most radical ideas. Today we had a seminar and presentations. Mr. Paul Roberts asked me if there was anything I wished to share in the class or wished to discuss.

I raised a point which has been on my mind for quite a while now. Whether it is logical to think of teamwork to be the most appropriate way to lead to the excellence to the achieved in a firm or company?

I discussed how in order to be successful people can go to unethical lengths (which to me is the most inappropriate way to make your way to the top). I believe in equality and hard work. And I wish to be recognized for this simply and not how many people I impress which my fancy new degree or how many people I have to hurt in order to be successful.

For me ethics matter a lot. Mr. Paul Roberts even mentioned during discussions “Just because a person does not have a fancy degree you should never consider yourself better than that person, they might just surprise you.” I truly believe that people need to pay more attention to the team as a whole even if the majority of the people in your team just care for their own selfish motives you should still try to make the whole tam work efficiently in order for the betterment of a company as it is your ethical responsibility to your employer.

October 22, 2012

Being a manager

Today we got a taste of being managers in a hotel chain. Of course we all started out a bit unserious but as we started discussing the issues we actually started to think of ourselves as the characters we were supposed to enact. The thing to consider here is that even though most people would consider that lack of lectures as a waste of time MBE is beginning to really interest me.

I love the way our supervisor (Mr. Paul Roberts) has planned out the course to be so interesting and challenging. WE really are as he says “In a nursery” without any restrictions and able to learn about team work and how to make the work environment better without actually harming the harmony between the workers. We learn how to control our personal issues and be more collective for the betterment of the team. This is the true way to achieve excellence be it in the business environment or elsewhere.

This exercise today taught me how to listen to other people and be more open and understanding as a person and a business woman in the future.

Team work and a single main aim of an organization is the only way to make an organization better as there is no “I” in team.

October 19, 2012

Difference between reality and fiction

My entire life I have been taught to achieve some sort of goal be it in studying or sports etc. BUT.. I have always been intimidated by the idea of giving a test as it distinguishes the bright people from the not so bright and has always, in my opinion, been unfair. I have always found myself not able to cram for exams as so many of my class fellows could only to forget all of it the next day during the exam due to stress and the possibility of failing. I HATE BEING EXAMINED.. :P..

Here in WMG I realized I could actually show my real potential, as I am not constantly badgered with unnecessary examinations about subjects I will most probably forget in a month’s time. NO! Here I can actually work on projects (something I am actually better at than most people as I seem to think of myself as a more practical person). The whole idea behind the WMG programs is ground breaking and in my opinion a great way to molding the minds of the future leaders of tomorrow.

For me going abroad being on my own was a big achievement as it is not that common in my homeland. And for me to have this opportunity to work with amazing individuals from all over the world is a great opportunity to grow as an individual to contribute to the society as a whole.

Even though this is my first month in a foreign land on my own and I have just only started my first module CBE in MBE I have great hopes for the future. This will be a good year.

October 16, 2012

Research topic

The best thing about researching is the knowledge that is gained from it and keeping this in mind, I will choose my research topic on which I have very less knowldge as I am motivated my the desire to learn something new. On the other hand, I am looking forward to choose a topic of my interest as it will give me more joy to research on the area that I am passionate about ot that will benifit me in my practical life as well.

October 09, 2012

Getting Started

It was an entirely different experience today at WMG. The most striking feature of the learning environment was the team work. Today I finally got the concept that the most efficient outcome is acheived in the team work as the ideas and opinions are shared among the team members. Working in a team is now the most important feature of the organizations throughout the world so team work is the most distinguable feature that WMG will teach me in the coming year. This will make me more flexible as one has to adapt to the requirements of different team members.

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