October 09, 2012

Getting Started

It was an entirely different experience today at WMG. The most striking feature of the learning environment was the team work. Today I finally got the concept that the most efficient outcome is acheived in the team work as the ideas and opinions are shared among the team members. Working in a team is now the most important feature of the organizations throughout the world so team work is the most distinguable feature that WMG will teach me in the coming year. This will make me more flexible as one has to adapt to the requirements of different team members.

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  1. Rasmus Gejl Kristensen

    I agree and can say that you will learn loads of teamwork capabilities during your MBE journey. But teamwork is not all. In my mind teamwork can also be used as a concept of relaxing for certain individuals. The true challenge in teamwork is to evolve group work into team work. Move from a position where individuals meet and discuss individual pieces of the mini projects into team generated solutions. When I say team generated solutions I mean that team members become interdependent on each other instead of depending. Each individual has a task which cannot be solved probably without another team members contribution. Having this mix was the true challenge when looking back but is definitely a huge learning point in MBE.

    Looking forward to follow you on your journey towards excellence and see if you find this balance in teamwork.

    10 Oct 2012, 18:52

  2. Aasma Sagheer

    I so agree with you and hope I am able to find that balance as well :)

    19 Oct 2012, 01:50

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