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March 19, 2013

Leadership styles from the top to bottom

According to DuBrin (2007), the Transformational leaders role in the way an organization is transformed is by the following methods:

  1. Raising people’s awareness
  2. Helping people look beyond self interests
  3. Help people search for self-fulfilment
  4. Help people understand need for change
  5. Invests managers with a sense of urgency
  6. Committed to greatness
  7. Adopt broad perspective
  8. Build trust
  9. Concentrate resources where most needed

In my opinion these 9 roles of a transformational leader are the stepping stones of what makes an ideal leader and how that leader empowers the workforce and creates a sense of trust and mutual goals between the leader and the workforce.

The workforce should be able to trust the leader if it is to work hard and devote all its energy in making the organization perform better. There needs to be an environment of teamwork and not to achieve selfish interests of the individuals in the organization.

This method of leadership is far superior to most of the methods of leadership out there as the leader tries to address the workforce as team members and to try to create a sense of mutual goals which should be achieved not out of the need for monetary gains for the workers but because they want to perform better and make their leaders aim achievable.

Reference: DuBrin, A. J., 2007. Leadership: Research Findings, Practice and Skills. 5th Edition ed. New York: Houghton Mifflin Company .

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