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June 16, 2013

Formula for success

To me it is very important for organizations to be able to run smoothly without any hindrances. I know that if I were a manger in charge of a particular assembly line and it were my job to properly manage the staff and maintenance of assets in order to avoid any hindrances I would do my level best.

Of course it is important to consider at this point that my opinion about all of this is based on my MSC degree and I have a high level of knowledge on worker behaviour and why they are a company’s top priority.

Most managers do not realize that the way they manage their workforce is the way they can gain a competitive advantage as compared to other firms in the same industry.

Innovation is key! No matter how many times I state this in my blogs it is not enough. The 21st century is different and it requires a different method of management.

Treating workers as assets will lead to them feeling motivated and values which will lead to innovation and increased knowledge sharing which in turn will lead to high productivity and efficiency and in turn competitive advantage.


There are several methods of maintaining assets, methods such as preventative maintenance and constant maintenance throughout the lifecycle of the machinery.

Methods vary depending on the industry and their individual requirements. What is important to understand is that maintenance is not a one of thing it has to be a part of the business in order to avoid and hindrances in the production process and delays in orders. In my previous blogs I have discussed the importance of knowledge and how it affects the business in achieving excellence in the 21st century.

It is important for firms of today to appreciate the benefits knowledge management can give to an asset management strategy.

KM will allow workers to start gathering information, then storing that information and in the end using that information. These three steps make a very big difference in the way a firm is run as knowledge is constantly gathered and shared. Hence, Excellence is achieved!

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