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October 09, 2005


I've always been a fan of photography, seeing the composure and lighting and trying to get a decent photo out of it. Unfortunately I've never really had the financial resources nor the time to dedicate much serious attention to it as a hobby.
Kind of annoying really since should have joined the photographic society while I was still a student but oh well, as I said – I had more pressing matters on my time and money (the excuses can go on and on! Guess am just lazy!)
Now I'm a fully fledged Graduate though (note the capital G!) I can in theory have the time to explore this and take it up as a proper hobby.

I love travelling, anywhere and everywhere there is something to see. Be it in the middle of nowhere or in the middle of a city there will always be something, though I do prefer to be out in the middle of nowhere. One of the best holidays I've had was in California with my Dad for my 18th birthday. We went to Yosemite Valley, Death Valley, San Francisco, Big Sur and a load of other places. Goddamn are they beautiful parts of the world and I have to go back there some day, if for no other reason than to complete the couple of hikes that defeated me.
These two pursuits make a perfect combination, travel and take photos of it all! Brilliant! I guess there are the financial considerations still but pfft! I'm working (yes Anthony but you also have a mortgage and not that big a wage!)
So to this end I've bought myself a camera. Not just any camera, a proper SLR camera… And not just any SLR camera… A digital SLR camera. I won't bore people by explaining what an SLR is, if you're interested then sure a quick search will turn up something

After much research I plumped for the Canon EOS350D, a brand new model which seemed to be being raved about as the ideal "beginner SLR". Lots of pennies later I now have it sat here and damn is it good.
The problem though is my usual impatient streak strikes again, once I'd made the decision that I was going to get a camera, I bought it right there and then. No waiting, no fussing, just got it. The question now is of course what on Earth am I going to take pictures of while my house is a building site!?! No free time = no time to aimlessly take photos!! damn me and my foolishness!

Ah well, gives me something nice to look forward to, as well as my newly aquired motorbike which is still sat in Manchester and can be the subject of another entry next time I eat breakfast and need something to do! (This blog entry was brought to you in association with Sainsburys honey nut cornflakes and a caffetiere of silly strong coffee)

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