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August 10, 2005

I have a wall!

My house now has a variety of walls! The kitchen wall has now been moved to where I want it to be creating a rather vast kitchen space.
Some people have seen what I wanted to do with the downstairs and said I was a bit silly wanting to have a smaller living room. Downstairs consists of two rooms, the kitchen and the living room. I enjoy cooking a lot so I like to spend time in the kitchen, I also like cooking for other people so I need space in the kitchen to entertain (now all I gotta do is find the friends to entertain!)
A large kitchen diner was therefore a dead cert, especially since the wall was a stud wall anyway.
I have also knocked through two rooms upstairs to create my bedroom which is the same width as the house! I'd briefly toyed with this idea when I first moved into the house but decided against it since the house would then officially be a 2 bedroom house rather than a 3. And then a spark of genius, leave 2 doors into the room so when it comes to be sold I can simply put up the wall again and boom! 3 bedrooms! Cunning!

So now the house is at the stage where everything destroyable has been destroyed. Everything strippable has been stripped and most things buildable have been built. The only things that remain are painting and… plastering. I am dreading the quote for the plastering that needs doing, though it is a necessity. At the moment the kitchen looks like someone has taken a machine gun to the room and put bullet holes everywhere.

But with all this hard work comes pain, my shoulder is now requiring thrice daily applications of deep heat (now remember kids: wash your hands before going to the toilet after applying deep heat), I look like someone has spent several hours punching me in the eyes due to the late hours have been working with no days off (as well as working new full time job).

The end result is so going to be worth it, but the financial cost is starting to mount and show and the physical effects are now starting to become apparent on me.
I'd like to take this chance once again to thank the people who've helped out so far on my house. My Dad has been up and down the country like a madman coming down to help me, he almost got given a season pass to the rubbish dump this weekend he made so many trips.
Gaz and his Dad for building my kitchen wall, while I could perhaps have knocked up something that could pass for a wall I couldn't have done such a professional job and I most certainly couldn't have dealt with the "oh shit" moment!
Lastly Dan you have been an absolute dude so far, so please don't get too bored just yet! Working as hard as you have on someone elses house that you're not even going to live in is something I can't repay and most definitely appreciate.

Anyone know any cheap plasterers out there? Now I just gotta go sell my soul for some more money from somewhere to pay for him!

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