July 10, 2005

This thing on?

What kind of person writes a blog?
Something that there is a good chance that no one will read and an even better chance will just cause embarrasment to me, the reader or someone else.

  • Could it be someone who has no one else to talk to?
  • Someone who finds it difficult to talk to other people about personal issues?
  • Or someone who just needs to vent their spleen at unsuspecting strangers?

As a friend of mine put it "They're usually written by bitter self-absorbed misfits with a narcissus complex" (link)

Or maybe a combination of all of the above? (Answers on a postcard if you think anything else belongs in that list!)
The real question is I suppose; who READS a blog? The writers are people who need to get something off their chest, who are the readers?
My guess for readers of this blog is people who somehow managed to stumble upon it through using Google (god bless the randomness of search engines). There is also the catagory of friends and the catagory of people who trawl blog sites looking for something interesting (or otherwise…)

So far I've avoided the "craze" to write a blog, I'm a very sceptical person and can't understand why anyone would read what is effectively a random person's diary. Either that or is some dry treatise on some equally dry subject where the same points are repeated ad nauseum. However I've decided that it'd probably be quite fun to write down what I'm thinking regardless of whether anyone reads the damn thing.

And so ends this first random babble; in my next installment I'll probably try and explain a little of what you should expect to find in this blog which scarily enough represents my mind.

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