October 07, 2005

Slowly slowly slowly!

Woohoo, the Warwick Blog guys have finally linked their system up with the WGA and I can post again!

Lots of things have been happening with the house since last posted. Like I have a kitchen! Fully functional with cooker, fridge and hanging pan rack! Its been a nightmare getting this far, so many things needed (and still need) doing and everything has to be done in particular orders with time left between to let bits dry. Everything just gets delayed and pushed back before finally being completed.

Its been quite demoralising actually seeing the slow progress that has been made, I think a lot of that though is that my expectations are too high. I was tiling the floor in the kitchen and a thought came to me – a hell of a lot has been done to this house by either myself or my friends. The thing that I'd noticed was actually the cemented up hole where the downstairs toilet used to be, this made me think that where I was kneeling in the kitchen actually used to be another room, and the bit to my left was another room. All this was now gone and in its place a large kitchen fully tiled and base coated with paint.

On the journey to this point I've taught myself to plaster, something that I was adamant was impossible for anyone to just teach themselves since it was a mystical voodoo art form. My Uncle was the one who told me to just give it a go, so I bought my £30 fancy plasterers trowel and various other bits of fancy kit and gave it a go… And well I'll be, I can plaster! My ceilings leave a lot to be desired (nothing a bit of textured paint can't fix) but you try applying even pressure while working above your head!! Quite proud of myself if I'm honest, didn't think I could actually do practical things like this.

So anyway, I digress – last week I hung the pans up in the kitchen, I stood back and I was happy. I enjoy cooking, I spend a lot of time in the kitchen because I like cooking, I like the social thing of entertaining and cooking for people (and I like eating obviously!) so I've gone all out on the kitchen. I've got a big momma of a fridge (ice dispensing American thing) and a twin oven, all a little extravagent but worth it in my opinion. And I've got a very good set of stainless steel copper bottomed pans which look the mutts nuts. I've had these things for about a year now I'd say and not been able to use them, so to finally get them hanging up from the ceiling in my own kitchen in my own house was quite a moment I have to say. No one else was in the house at the time which is probably for the best since it would've been weird seeing me just staring at the kitchen with a beer in my hand looking oddly peaceful and happy.

I would recommend getting a house to anyone, I'd tell you to think twice before gutting the whole house, I'd definitely tell you to do it a room at a time if possible rather than the approach I've taken which means I'm sleeping in a room with no doors or floorboards let alone decorated. I'd also warn you that it is bloody stressful and there have been time where I have really despaired about the whole thing. But some days have been good, like when I realised just how much had been accomplished in a relatively short space of time, and when the walls in the kitchen were painted. Its the little things like that that are pretty damn good.

Maybe I'll upload some photos in the not too distant future. In the meantime it is back to work and then tonight back to decorating and maybe… just maybe… I'll get a door on my bedroom some day and a living room to relax in!

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