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September 19, 2011

Initial Introduction of Induction to this Institution

Firstly yes I am late setting this blog up, it ideally would have been up before the weekend even, but its been difficult to find a spare minute so it's languished at the bottom of my priorities list.

That out the way, back to school time!

Sort of.

I'm back to having a routine timetable, 9-5ish, hopefully some edges can be cut off of that most days. It's taking some definite adjusting to having to wake up at 7, something I haven't had to commonly do for... 8 years? Thats my primary reason for feeling so tired at the moment.

The other is the sheer amount of information to have to take in at this early stage (and by the sound of it in the midding and late stages too). Its not physically tiring but mentally. Add to that that generally my attention span is not the best and it gets even harder to concentrate towards the end of the day!

Hang on, I'm meant to be a teacher, not a student?

Eh, I'm human!

Joke? I've heard I can't use the e^x one, thats been done. So has log cabin. The cat one doesn't translate as well into text but we can try!

Two cats are sat on a slanted roof. Cat one goes meww! Cat two goes MEWWWWW!

Which cat stays on the roof longest?



The second cat because it has the largest mew! ( μ )

And my favourite joke (which has nothing to do with maths):

Q: Where do you weigh a whale?

A: At a whaleweigh station!

Moving along as this has taken too much space and there *is* an upload limit.

I've been asked to discuss my opinion on maths busking. Here it is. I think it sounds very interesting, anything that brings maths to a wider public has to be a good thing. If asked would I like to take part in a workshop? then yes! yes I would!

Expect another update in the near future. Hopefully with better paragraph structuring!

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