October 26, 2011

Microteaching Continued Continued

Overall I would say it was a very well received lesson from the students, certainly there was positive feedback in the immediate aftermarth of the lesson. I would say from our point of view also that it was a good experience, and that we each gave a good accoutn of ourselves.

The starter was impressively assembled and challenged each student an appropriate amount. It worked to give a very quick introduction to the topic of plans and elevations as well as a foundation on which to build.

The main of the lesson was also well received, the students were keen and eager to get involved, and although it took extra work to keep some on task and to get a couple motivated to begin with, it was ultimately a success.

Unfortunately due to time constraints (the lesson started 10 minutes late due to late arrivals after assembly) the plenary ended up being slightly rushed which would be the main regret. This was no-ones fault however. What was said was good, in particular the questioning over the relevance of what they had learnt (real world applications for example).

If I were to do the lesson over again, I would spend less time on the main as I feel the vast majority of the students had taken it to its limites, and spend more time on a summary at the end.

Lesson Evaluation

What was successful/not so successful? Why? What can I do about it?

Annotate your lesson plan using these prompts:

Explanation: Explanation of initial task good, perhaps more needed on extension task(s).

Questioning: Questioning on the whole dropped in favour of practical task. Some questioning with limited scope but designed to test existing knowledge.

Assessment Perhaps better assessment criteria was necessary as there was little assessment that could be taken away from the lesson.

Differentiation Little but this was difficult as we did not know the class at all.

Transitions: Transistion from sections difficult and slightly clunky due to nature of team teaching. Perhaps transisition from main task to plenary needed to be sooner.

Engagement Good levels of engagement ultimately, perhaps more could have been done initially in the main task



These prompts are a guide for reflection, you are not expected to use all the prompts, but you are expected to demonstrate reflection.


ICT The presentation itself was well received, the starter in particular.

Involvement of other adults

Use of images Again the starter was well received, the students engaged well and the task was not beyond them in terms of difficulty, nor was it too simplistic.

Use of contexts: I feel we had good relation back to real world uses and problems, included asking the students which jobs might use P&E.

Handling of misconceptions Perhaps more could have been done on terminology.

Mathematical Techniques and methods


Time management needs some work, though not huge amounts. Lesson was impacted by late arrivals after assembly.

Working with whole class as opposed to individuals.

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