October 26, 2011

Microteaching Continued

Continued entry, here is the schedule of events

Planned Sequence


Link to learning outcomes and objectives





9:15- 9:30

Introduction to 3 views: plan view, side elevation and front elevation.

i.e. Big Ben (plan view), Toberlerone (front elevation), London Eye (side elevation).

Introductory task on board for students on entry to work on whilst settling into the lesson.

Pupils may discuss their thoughts and ideas quietly in small groups (i.e. pairs) whilst doing this.

Greeting students, introducing the task and ensuring there is a swift start to the lesson.

Teacher then presents the remaining two problems and questions the pupils to think about them in the context of the task.

None at this stage as this is an exercise to determine potential initial understanding of all students.

PowerPoint will be coloured to avoid problems to those with dyslexia.

No assessment for right or wrong answers at this stage. Pupils given opportunity to share their thoughts on the problem after 5 minutes, before answer is given.

9:30- 9:35

Discussion of ideas used, spider diagram of conceptions of plans and elevations at this early stage.

Will be contributing to class understanding of plans and elevations. Adding to the debate through raised hands.

Asking pupils for feedback on the previous task and to help construct spider diagram.

None on a level basis. Students problems accessing the material can be addressed on a one to one basis.

Teacher can assess through contribution who has a better initial understanding of the topic.

9:35- 10:00

Pupils given five cubes each and asked to construct a very simple model and then to draw it from the perspective of facing three different sides

Working in pairs to build simple models from construction cubes, starting from 2 cubes and progressing through up to 4 or 5. Drawing the models that they make from the three views.

Initially will demonstrate what is required of the student, and then setting them to work. Assisting students that require further explanation of the task, else discussing findings will students progressing well.

If higher achieving students finish early they will be given an extension sheet of pre-drawn views, and asked to make the shapes.

Assessment will be based on correct drawings of their models. Misconceptions can be addressed as the teacher will have to approve a drawing before an extra cube can be added.


Group discussion of findings. Learning assessed through plenary of multi-level questions from teachers (starting from simple: what is this view called? progressing to why would we need to use these?)

Will be invited to answer questions or add to the discussion.

Will stimulate input from students, using a hands up policy unless something specific has been noted throughout the task that the teacher would like a student to raise.

Students who moved on to the extension task may say what extra this told them.

Teacher will be looking for continuing misconceptions from answers and will attempt to address these.


Draw a plan of your own bedroom from each of the 3 views we have discussed today.

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