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May 02, 2007

Adrenaline junky–tastic!!!

Hey guys, and welcome to the last blog of love! Brace yourselves, cos its gonna be a long one. I have rather a lot to fill you in on!

So I last blogged in Queenstown. That night I went out and sampled the delights of Queenstown nightlife – which is awesome. We ended up in a place called the World Bar, where they sell cocktails in teapots!This is a genius invention and should be adopted in all drinking establishments back in the UK. Having promised ourselves a ‘quiet one’, we stumbled back to the dorm at about 3am. The alarm went off at 6am as we had to be on the bus at 7am – kill me now!!!I was rough, and the bus we were on apparently had a truck suspension, and consequently shook and swayed like a bloody truck the whole way to Milford sound. I havent felt so chundersome for a very long time, and it was raining, to add insult to injury. However, the closer we got to Milford sound, the better the weather got. I know I keep going on about how beautiful the scenery has been blah blah blah, but seriously guys, it was absolutely out of this world. We drove right through a mountain range and were transported to a world of snowey-topped mountains, lush evergreen forrests, crystal clear mountain rivers and waterfalls – it was stunningly beautiful, so much so that the bus was silent for a good half an hour whilst everyone just drank in the beauty. Dave and I had booked to take a scenic cruise around the sound. It took about 2hours and took us right around the heart of lord of the rings country. In fact, we put the LOTR soundtrack on the old ipod, and listened as we sailed – it was awesome and I felt just like Arwen, minus the pointy ears, the floaty dress and an Aragorn to oggle at!!!
That night we stayed at a small hostel somewhere in NZ – buggered if I can remember the name!I do remember, however, that Dave, Beth and I got up very early the next morning to go sheep shearing!!!It was highly exciting – I got to bottle- feed a calf, watch the sheep dogs in action and then have a go at real life shearing. It was quite amusing really and I stunk of lamb when Id finished. Dave underwent a perculiar transformation into an ‘ooh arrr, oohh, arr’ farmer type and got very into the whole sheep shearing thing – it must be his west country roots.
We then travelled to Invercargill and stayed at a fab hostel with lots of nice facilities and comfy matresses. We did absolutely nothing!I have no idea what Invercargill looks like, but the TV room in the hostel was very nice. We had pizza for dinner then went to bed – this travelling malarky isnt half tiring, and a nice veg out day was just what we all needed.
The following day we travelled for most of it, but had a few stops along the way. The first was at…..nope, cant remember the bloody name of that place either, but it was a beach, at which a ship had run aground killing hundreds, quite a few years ago. Very sad, BUT, it had wild SEALIONS!!!Very cool.We were told in no uncertain terms to keep atleast 5m away from them. “Tosh” we all thought as we all broke the 3 m boudary….the initially serene wild mammal, swiftly transformed into a roaring bloody terrifying, teeth-bearing beast and started to chase us down the beach. They can move bloody fast considering their lack of legs! Luckily, we managed to get away, but I can now proudly say Ive been chased by a sealion. Way cool!!!
We arrived at Dunedin at about 4pm and booked ourselves onto the ‘Speights brewery tour’. Speights is NZ’s favourite beer and its actually quite nice…havent decided if it beats Vailima or not yet. The best bit of the tour was when we got to drink actually pour our own drinks from the handles, and then obviously drink them. That night we went out to a bar with a live band and I didnt get drunkard – shocker!
The following day we made our way back to Queenstown. We decided that far too little alcohol had been consumed over the last few days, so we were up for a big one in the party/adventure capital of NZ. Howver, Dave and Adam, one of the guys staying in our dorm, got fed up of waiting for us girls to get ready so decided theyd go down to the bar early. Bearing in mind that we were all already half cut, Dave rushed over to say farewell to me in rather a too vigorous fashion and managed to crash his hiking-booted foot right smack bang into my naked flip-flopped left big toe….I knew at once that whatever had happened wasnt going to be pretty…and I was right…Daves words of ‘OH SHHIITT!” pretty much summed it up – he’d managed to kick off my entire big toe nail which was now pointing up 90degrees, exposing the whole bloody nailbed underneath! Lucky for me Id had a drink cos the pain was like nothing before. We made an executive decision for Dave to push the nail back down and bandage it up – this was between my slight hyperventilation and cold sweating. But I DIDNT CRY – I was hardcore-tastic!!! However, as the adrenaline wore off, the pain set in. I decided that a trip to the local A&E was probably sensible so that they could give me some anaesthetic and just take the whole damn nail off, as one corner was now actually sticking into the normal skin. Luckily, I was the only patient, so there was no 4 hour wait that would have awaited me at the beloved UHCW. The Dr decided that ‘conservative treatment’ was best – ie. keep it bandaged and wait for it to fall off. So I did the only sensible thing – went back to the dorm, popped a few painkillers and got back on the wine!Sorted! Decided that a nightclub was probably not the most sensible place to go with a gammy toe, so called game over at about 2am. What an eventful night – and now we can say that we did do some medicine in NZ – Dave even has the pictures to prove it!
The next day, we went and seized the adrenaline big time. Dave and I had booked to do jet boating and a canyon swing. He wasnt going to let me use my disabled status to get out of either of them! The jet boating was fun, but over way too quickly and I got brain freeze from the cold water and wind. The canyon swing was the scariest thing Ive ever done. I managed to remain in denial until I was standing on the edge of the platform staring 109m down into the abyss of the canyon. Ive never come so close to acytually pooing myself. In the end I just jumped. The 60m freefall was gut-wrenchingly awesome, and the arc that you swing in at the bottom was amazing. The scariest bit was being whinched back up to the jump pod. Dave thought Id bottle it – I didnt!Big me up! Dave went one better and did his jump upside down, backwards, with a mask on and a bin on his head – bloody show-off.
The next day we went luge-ing down the purpose built tracks on the slopes of the moutain that acts as a backdrop to Queenstown – it was so much fun. It was basically just an excuse to revert to being a kid for the afternoon and race each other down the course.
Our final day in Queenstown saw Dave and myself make our way up to the Nevis highwire bungy, so that Dave could round off his new found psycho-ness with the most psycho thing anyone could possibly want to do – a 134m bungy jump. Ive never seen Dave looking so terrified – even more terrified than before the ICE exams – and thats saying something. I had to pay $30 just to watch….it was so worth it. I must say, however, that I was very proud of him – once he was out on that platform, there was no fannying about, he just leaped out and that was that. Complete psychopath. I was scared enough just watching. He has promised that his adrenaline days are now over and he is going to revert back to the nice sensible Dave that we all know and love.

Well my lovelies, my journey is nearly over. Tomorrow we travel to Rangatata and stay over night there and the following day we head back to Christchurch to catch the flight home! Im so looking forward to seeing everyone. I hope you have enjoyed reading about my adventures as much as I have experiencing them! Thanks for all the lovely emails and comments. You guys are SWEET AS!!!
Love you all loads and loads and SEE YOU ALL VERY SOON!!!
Loads and loads of love
Alex xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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