April 15, 2007

Star gazing and sandy bits!

GUYS!!! Im back and raring to blog, having got over my nasty virus and having developed my suntan something chronic!
So we got to Lalomanu on Monday morning – Easter Monday, and were seriously unimpressed at the number of goddam people on the beach – it was like bloody Blackpool! However, I cheered up slightly when the whole of the Samoan Upolu rugby team rocked up and stripped off. Imagine if you will, about 15 tanned, muscley, beefed up rugby players all lolling about with not much on…twas eye-candy-tastic!!! Things took an unpleasant turn for the worse, however, when they produced a rugby ball and started to ‘have a little game of knock about’...I spent the next half hour or so waiting for the ball to land on my head, or for me to get trampled on etc etc. Bloody boys!
The food was absolutely fantastic. They lay out 2 huge long tables and then just keep on bringing the food – it was like the great welcome feast in the great hall at Hogwarts, food just kept appearing. There was rice, king prawns, white fish, chicken stir fry, mussels, sping rolls, salads, chops…so very yummy. I consequently have about 3 stone to lose in New Zealand.
Our fale was right on the beach – which was amazing…apart from the bastard sand…which manages to get EVERYWHERE. I know I shouldn’t moan, and afterall, what was I expecting on a beach, i hear you say but BLOODY HELL, IT GETS EVERYWHERE!
After much deliberation and fannying about Dave eventually decided to do his PADI dive course. So that meant I had 3 days of pure unadulterated sunbathing to look forward to. I usually get very bored of my own company, but actually enjoyed the time just lying/lolling/eating/drinking alone. I even went and got pissed alone on the happy hour cocktails on Thursday evening! It was great – the sad thing was, I didn’t think I was pissed untill I attempted to exit the bar and bumped into two of the people we’d met the previous night, one of which had got an ear infection. My attempts at the phrase ‘Hows your ear holding up’ were pitiful and rather embarassing! However, at about 5.30pm each day which was about the time that the dive guys got back, I reverted to a small excitable child at the prospect of some company!!! Dave really enjoyed doing the PADI and he saw a reef shark which he was highly excited about as you can imagine!
One of the most amazing spectacles since Ive been here has got to be the sky at night at Lalomanu. After dinner we went down onto the beach and just sat and marvelled at the stars. They were truly awesome. As it goes, on Thursday night, the same night i’d got shooed alone on cocktails,I left Dave in the bar and went onto the beach to gaze at said stars and promptly fell asleep. I woke up at about 11.30pm, slightly confused, with a mouth like a dead badgers arse and oh so very very sandy!
Our last day yesterday was fabulous. We sunbathed ALL day and went snorkelling which was AWESOME. Nearly as good as diving, but without the fear of death, or the hot South African guy! We had a final vailima-fuelled blow out last night and had a great laugh with some of the peope we’d met. It was so sad to leave such a beautiful place, and we drove off this morning with heavy hearts. Our cab driver, however, bought us back to reality with a thud….nearly literally. I could see his eyes in the rear view mirror and he was actually nodding off at the wheel!!!Seriously, Samoan driving is ropey at the best of times, but I find it always helps the situation ten fold if your driver has his eyes open! You can imagine my fear on the ‘coast road’. But we made it back to Apia safe and sound, and have spent the last few hours trapsing round town cursing the fact that the whole damn place shuts on a Saturday afternoon!The concept just doesn’t make sense to me – surely Saturday afternoon should be the prime shopping time the world over!Apparently not!
Anyway, we’re heading back to the Outrigger now to do depressing things like pack. BOO HISS! I’m having palpatations at the prospect of having to fit all my crap into one bag…shit a brick!Wish me luck!
Will blog next when in NZ!!!How exciting!!!
Love you all loads and really missing you all. Can’t wait to see you all soon. All my love xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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