March 30, 2007

Sea sickness sucks!

Hey my lovelies!!!Long time no blog!
You’ll be glad to know that I’m back at the outrigger following our mini excursion, I am in one piece, the mozzy bites are under control, and I have acquired zero medical knowledge since I’ve been away…unless advising a fellow traveller to use antibacterial mouthwash for a mouth ulcer counts as knowledge???Nah, didn’t think you’d buy that one!
Have just read through all the emails you’ve sent – thankyou so much, they’ve all really made me laugh…Mikey, I’ll sort the photos and send them asap…I have some really fit new friends aswell…I’m sure I could convince them to strike a few poses!!!

So, on Saturday we set off to Lalomanu beach – supposedly the best beach on the whole of Upolu. There were 10 of us going from the Outrigger so it was a pretty cost effective journey. Anyway, we arrived…and they were right…it was GORGEOUS!A strip of gleaming white sand decked with beach fales, and water like Ive never seen before – crystal clear. Dave, Gwen and I had decided that if we were going to do a dive, this was the place to do it, especially as Dave and Leah had promised me a dive as my birthday present. So we presented ourselves to the diving office and were given a registration sheet explaining that scuba diving could cause serious injury/death and should we need a hyperbaric oxygen chamber, we would have to travel to goddam New Zealand…’shit a brick’, I thought, as I literally signed my life away. We made our way to the dive centre in order to be kitted out with wet suits and fins. Johanna, the slim, brown, beautiful, Swedish dive instructor looked me up and down and to my mortification handed me a mens XL wet suit, that when zipped up, bulged attractively around my lower belly. I was looking HOT!!!NOT!!!However, the extra room proved to be quite a blessing in disguise as when I jumped into the water, the air trapped in the expanse of extra room made its way to my shoulder region and acted as a fabulous bouyancy aid – no need to tread water when you have a fat ass wet suit on!RESULT! The plan for the afternoon was to go to 2 dive sites and the experienced divers in our party would dive at both. However, there were 4 of us newbees, and it was decided that two of us would dive at each site. Dave and one of zee German girls who were staying at the Outrigger aswell, decided to go first, so Gwen and I decided to do some snorkelling whilst we waited. It was absolutely amazing. Some of the fish were so beautifully coloured and irredescent – like nothing i’d seen before. However, I did wet my self slightly (or not as the case actually was…more of that later) at the site of the ‘DROP OFF”. I have a slight fear of very deep water so when the reef suddenly disappeared it took me a moment or two to calm myself, give myself a mental slap, and remind myself that I could actually swim, and besides, there was no hope of drownage with all the excess air horded in my wet suit anyway!!! Back to the wetting myself incident…so it turns out I can’t pee in the sea! Very unfortunate when you’ve drunk about a litre of water and are about half a mile from the shore…have never been so delighted when Johanna told us we were goin back to the dive centre to change the oxygen tanks!A toilet had never looked so good! All too soon, we were at the next dive site, the so-called ‘Turtle minefield’. Apparently, we were almost guaranteed to see turtles…up to 6 per dive, according to some of the dive masters!!! Bollocks!!!We didn’t see any. The swell was so immense at this dive site that I started to feel majorly sea sick whilst waiting for the pro divers to surface. I popped a sea sickness tablet but nada…I was having another mental struggle with myself, convincing myself that now would be a very bad time to chuck. Plus, my dive buddy, Brian, happened to be this hunky, South African fitty (not as fit as you my darling Soes), and vomming infront of him would have been slightly embarrasing. He reassured me that being sick under water was a possibility, so not to worry if I still felt sick once we’d submerged…plus, he said, you’re likely to sea more fishes as they’ll all swarm round to eat it…...UGGGHHH – GROSS OUT, I thought. Anyway, I was more concerned about being able to breathe under water, let alone how the hell you’d logistically figure out how to vom and breathe at the same time. Anyway, after a very ungraceful jump into the water and a few panicky minutes of “oh shit, what the hell am I playing at, I belong above water, not under it”, Gwen, Johanna, Brian and I all submerged and the dive began. I must say it was the most exhilarating, alien, terrifying yet amazing experience of my life. We went down to about 10 metres and at one point floated over the top of a deep ravine/under-water mountain – it felt like I was flying!!!The coral and fish were out of this world – but no bloody turtles!!! Neddless to say, I was quite tired when we got back – it felt like I’d sat about three exams, what with all the adrenaline I’d gotten through.
The next day we chilled on the beach and topped up the tan. It was soo very hot, spent the mid-day in the shade so didn’t burn. Dave and Gwen went snorkelling and saw a SHARK…which actually turned out to be a barracuda, scarey all the same. Iv’e never seen Dave move so fast!Quite amusing from my safe spot on the sand! The food was fabulous at Lalomanu, and on Sunday they produced a WHOLE PIG for lunch – literally!
Got a bit carried away on the old diving story and have unfortunately run out of time on the internet…promise to fill you all in on Savaii the next time I blog which will be asap!

Just a few personals

Soes: You are a comedy genius my darling! The tag rugby story had me crying! Love you squillions and missing you so much xxxx

Mikey: Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear big -bruv, happy birthday to you! Hope you had a phat one babes! Sorry I wasn’t there to celebrate with you! Thanks so much for the quality email, once again, dribbling mess in the internet cafe!Big up to the Lawrence sheriff massif! Love ya loads xxx p.s send my love to Sar and wish her luck and tell her I haveny forgotten about the hobbit!

Vena: Hey hun, heard anything yet? Am so excited, sounds like you kicked ass at the interview. Missin you! xxx

Mum, Dad, Lise, Jon, Rosie and Beth: Have fab time on hols guys – you all deserve it. Go staedy on the tannage – wouldn’t want to be out done on the tanning front now, would I!!!Love you all loads xxxx

Elly, Cos and George : Thanks for email lovelies. Hope George isn’t picking his scabs!Big hugs and kisses to you all xxx

Love you all loads and loads and missing you xxxxxxxxxx

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