April 04, 2007

Birkenstocks rule!!!

Hey lovelies!
Hope all is well in palangi land! Sorry I had to rush off last blog…I’d just finished about diving and was about to tell you about our trip to Savaii (the ‘other island’)...it was shit, for want of a better word! So we exited paradise on leaving Lalumanu, travelled in the pissing down rain for 5 hours, got sea sick on the ferry again, had a hair raising journey on a traditional Samoan bus and finally arrived at ‘Reginas beach fales’ which had one toilet and a crappy beach. Not that Im a beach snob or anything! By tea time I was absolutely ravenous, having not eaten much all day. We sat down to a feast of chicken bone soup, deep fried fish, deep fried undercooked chicken, taro and breadfruit (sorry excuses for carb-potato-esque-root veggies), deep fried sausages that had a distinctly liver-y taste to them, and rice, which was actually quite nice. I appreciate that we had turned up just before tea, and they’d probably had to resurrect food from somewhere to feed us all, but it minged HARD!!! We did however, manage to arrange a round the island trip for the following day. We were picked up at 9 am and the first stop was a visit to the ‘canopy walkway’. It included a rather ‘ropey’ (in every sense of the word) rope bridge, suspended about 9 metres off the forrest floor. The view out to sea was immense!
Our next stop was the ‘blow holes’. Between 1905 and 1911, Savaii was battered by a big old volcanoe eruption which spewed tonnes of lava, engulfing huge swathes of the island on its way to the sea. The lava on which the waves break onto, contain various holes that send huge jets of sea spray rocketing 60 metres into the air, as the waves crash into them. Spectacular – especially when a little local man very courageouly made his way out to the holes with a basket of coconuts to chuck in, in order to show us just how high the water went. Very entertaining until he demamded 20tala for the show – cheeky git!
The penultimate stop was at a rather glorious water fall, deep in the middle of Savaii no-whereness. We trekked for about 20 minutes and then reached a rather steep/vertical precipice. The steps that I’d been promised were very clearly an exaggeration of the greatest degree. I looked at the guide, who laughed, and then I looked down at my feet and my highly inappropriate footwear – one – strap birkenstocks. Fabulous, I thought. Wth a bit of sliding on bum and a lot of swearing, I eventually made it down to the water fall and had much fun acting out the herbal essences ad mark II behind the waterfall itself. However, it then started to rain – so not only did I have to climb back up the steepest, most treacherous mountain side ever, I had to do it in one-strap birkenstocks which were now wet and horrendously slippy. Soes, you’d have been so proud of me, I swear I rock-climbed, minus any fancy hi-tech carabena-rope fandangleness, up the damn precipice, and made it to the top alive. I was then very smug at Dave, who had his north face trainers on, and told him that I was clearly a far superior climber, as had managed in said Birkenstocks! Lise, I always knew Birks rocked!!!
Our last stop was some more lava fields, which I tried hard to be enthusiatic about, but at the end of the day, it was just a bit of black rock!
We got back to Reginas and had another ropey dinner. I got eaten alive by mozzies again,and had to wait 20 minutes for a goddam pee before I could go to bed, which was the last straw – Gwen and I decided that we wanted out and we wanted out asap the next morning. So that’s what we did! It was so good to get back to the Outrigger and we celebrated with some well deserved sunbathing. It was also good to see Kate and Mimi again, who we’d left at Lalomanu.
The next few days were taken up by Gwen and I shopping and haggling for some right good bargains!I am now a seasoned haggler!
Alas, the day came for Gwen, mimi and Kate to leave on Friday. It was so very sad! Dave and I spent the following day moping and mourning the loss of our homies – we were so very alone! The only comfort was crisps and biscuits and Vailima, of course. However, we woke up the next day and felt much better, having reminded ourselves that we were actually in paradise and had 2 extra weeks of tanning time left!Hurrah!!!
We started back at hospital on Monday and have seen some really interesting patients. I got major brownie points today by suggesting an investigation that hadn’t yet been thought of and diagnosing a funny heart murmur!I shocked myself – it’s more work than Ive done all elective! Also, the house officers have all rotated and the general medical ward have gained 2 fitty doctors!So life is GOOD! A nice bit of eye candy never did anyone any harm!!!

Anyway lovelies, best go and get off tinternet!
Love you all loads and hope you all well and happy
Loads of love xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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