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March 20, 2007

Nuddy in the jungle!

Hey my lovelies!
Thankyou for all the fab emails – they’ve all made me smile big style! Can I start by offering you all my commiserations for the terrible weather you’ve been experiencing lately …my heart goes out to you all and I hope that the cold spell passes as soon as posible…I’ll shut up now before I rack up any more cuffs round the earole from Mikey! You’ll probably be pleased to know that there is some justice in this world, and we experienced an almighty storm on Thursday just gone, which flooded the deck area of our hotel. It really was a spectacle – the most comedy part was when the torrent crashing down the road somehow redirected itself into the Outriggers’ garden so that at one point, we were playing reservoir to the whole of damn Apia! However, the sun came out the next day and dried it up as fast as it came down, but alas, all the moisture in the air saw the return of Wendolene…I swear, I havent seen one decent photo of me since I got here!Damn hair!
As I mentioned last time, Dave, Gwen and I went to Virgin Cove again this weekend and stayed over in one of the beach fales. We got there on the Friday, and it rained a bit, but it was still warm enough to sit on the beach and swim. The resort there is quite small and the shower facilities are a sight to behold – it was basically a cold water shower head attached to a tree trunk, encased within a c-shaped wall of volcanic stone, set against a jungle backdrop. The wall supposedly covered you from the neck down…I was dubious, as had nearly caught a couple in the buff in the shower,on my way to the toilet earlier on in the day. So, the time came for me to brave it – I was way too sanded out to contemplate leaving it till I got back to the outrigger. I left the tankini on and sheepishly began washing, my eyes flitting all around, checking for pesky nosey parkers. I decided it was maybe safe to remove the shorts as the lower regions were definitely out of sight. However, I suddenly got brave and decided that sand removal was winning out vs my modesty! The top came off aswell and it was like one of those herbal essences adverts, minus the moaning, obviously! Needless to say, Ive never showered so quickly in my life!
The evening meal took place in the main bar fale. It was beautiful – steak, potatoes and vegetables ( a rare delicacy in Samoa) in a thick, rich sauce!Yummy! The cocktails were even yummier – Lise, the pina colada was rocking my world, and at only 3 pounds a pop, it would have been rude to not get atleast 3!!! Pudding was fruit pie with fruit (imaginitively). Gwen and I were pleased to discover that the orange fruit that lay inside was infact peach and not papaya – or POOpaya as we’ve renamed it!Trust me, guys, it smells of fart and doesn’t taste much better!
The whole resort was lit by kerosene lanterns at night – very sweet, but quite tricky to navigate your way around. We got to our fale only to find a hermit crab had moved in with us – it was Daves job to remove it! Now, you’d think that with 50%DEET mozzie spray, a mosquitoe net, socks and pyjama bottoms on, I’d have escaped being bitten….oh how wrong you’d be. I was nibbled to within an inch of my life.
The next day (Saturday) was glorious. A few of the guys from the Outrigger that we’ve become friends decided to join us for the day. We had a blast! It was such good fun. They are all medical students aswell; Kate, Katie and Mi-Mi are from the UK and Florian and Max are from Germany. They are all lovely and extremely funny!
We spent yesterday, which was Sunday just lazing round the pool – it’s amazing how tiring doing nothing can be!
Today we went into hospital and joined the general medical ward round again. We saw a 26 year old guy in HDU who wasn’t expected to survive the day…he had poisoned himself by drinking methylated spirit, as had two other patients in the medical ward, who had been more lucky. One guy had already died yesterday. Horrendous!
Anyway my lovelies, hope you are all well and happy. Will look forward to hearing from you soon. Take care and blog you later!!!!
Loads of love xxxxxxxxxxxx

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